The longest journey begins with an open Heart

"I HONORED HER", while she laid in the divine feminine waters

As a lay in the divine feminine waters, blue lotus, sacred blood from my moon cycle and lavender caressing my skin with the wet kisses.

{{in dedication to the search for immutability of desire}}

"I HONORED HER", while she laid in the divine feminine waters STARWHEEL

I herd her whisper to me, honour me the way you honour others.
Honour me, your temple the way you make love to everyone else with the divine current of Kundalini.
I’ve made love to countless men and women with my bodywork, massage and priestess touch, always waiting and desiring for someone to touch me the way I touch them.
Not a single body has been deprived of the current of love from my hands that I have sensually stroked, yet I have never given my own body this love.
Not a full session of love making.
Full attention, warm breath, oils, every activation point gifted heat, all the strokes of stimulation, from toes to crown, although having the skills to self massage this divine experience I’ve dishonoured myself by waiting for someone who can do what I can do.
Only to realise there isn’t anyone, not my gifts they are unique and remembered from ancient ancestral linage.
So as she begged me to gift her the nurturing love I have given so freely to others I wept tears for all the times she’s desired deep honouring to be ignored.
All the times she’s desired to cleanse trauma with gentle touch, to be reminded her needs are important and that she is divine in her expression.
I wept because I love her, but have I really loved her?
Self honouring has many levels, depths and processes, but how often do we look for the honouring of our bodies in another?
When we could heal, activate and restore our vitality in ritual of deep touch and ceremony?
In honour of my body “Delilah” and her desire to make love to me more often I have been inspired to create a safe, nurturing and blissful space to teach other women how to connect to self in ceremony with their body in kundalini self massage, to fully honour one’s self in all the magic of what their flesh has to offer.
To give permission to women to make love to their body, break open their heart and receive sensual connection from the divine masculine energy of spirit.
To no longer starve, suppress one’s needs for touch or seek it in places and spaces that are not honouring but instead to give it to yourself, in the opening to remember what you are deserving and worthy of.
From here you know then what you need, desire and require, never dropping your own deservability to anything less than what your body is saying a full sacred yes too.
To connect to her, to know her so deeply her womb pulses with her yes’s and her nos are heard and respected.
To reclaim her, to honour her, to make time for her.
Women of the Sunshine Coast I invite you to a day workshop and ceremony of “Women’s Self Body Honouring Massage” to connect to the depth of your being.
Cleansing away the trauma, the story and activating what’s desired within each cell with the beauty of touch.
If you could give yourself what you’re waiting for, would you still wait for another to give it to you? Or would you make love to yourself to give it to you?
I love you,
Geeia Ariati ♾️

"I HONORED HER", while she laid in the divine feminine waters STARWHEEL

Expression of interest! Relocation.

Beautiful beloved soul family,

Spirit is requesting through the closure of many avenues, areas in my life to find a space that is supportive of my inner alignment.

I am putting my intention out to share my deepest desires to live in more rural, hinterland or spacious connected land that has a small space, cabin, granny flat or small apartment for rent. At this point I do not have the overwhelming desire that it must be off grids however if there is this option or to connect in community space where there is self sufficient and autonomous creation in distance that is also option.

I am being called into deepening my heart creation and offerings to the world and require more holistic lifestyle, support and land to allow for the writing of a book.

I am open to possibilities from Sunshine Coast to Gold Coast locations and desire to create close connection and be of contribution in living and co created spaces.

My desire is to open a portal of possibilities here before I look further into spaces and avenues in other more specific groups.

If you feel spirit has a whisper or a possibility that may align with my energy please reach out 💕

"I HONORED HER", while she laid in the divine feminine waters STARWHEEL


For as long as I can remember I have had a remembrance of my pu$$y, a love for her to be touch, stimulated and the extant that’s created when I have allowed her to make love through my body.

My pu$$y has been a portal of love for connecting to myself, often in many distorted ways to reconnect to myself when I have closed my heart.

I have used her to get love, to receive myself and to avoid negative emotions through spiritual bypass.

I have loved her, hated her, abused her, mistreated her, allowed her to be penetrated against my will and inflicted pain to her through the multifaceted distortions of conditioning, trauma and belief systems.

It’s taken me many hours of qauntum healing, womb work, healing sexual trauma, relationship story release, deamouring and the continued ability to be safe in my full expression.

To anchor her into the earth so she can allow her kundalini to move, flow and be gifted through her healing portal in all expressions.

She has been reclaimed, recalibrated, able to cultivate divinely connect to innocent pure divinity with god and has remembered her truest form of connection.

What she has learned is that from as early as seven she was activated fully into her priestess energy, her full flow of sensuality, and the weaving of this magic with other priestesses.

My pu$$y was allowing love, full expression and dance of life to be experienced only to shut down in distorted lenses of impurity, wrongness, shame or fear of abuse.

My pu$$y activating to life’s creative expression was wrong, that then meant I was then wrong, my kundalini was wrong and my life force was wrong.

To leave me in a fear narrative of even opening to her to move through me as I was inappropriate, promiscuous or a target for men to project.

My expression of truth from the earliest of ages was suffocated rather than celebrated and shown how to channel divine love for self.

My truth in all of me was not welcomed, as it didn’t fit the narrative of my family, society and the truest beauty of what is available.

This then created distortions of using this energy in leaky ways or to shut it off completely.

To use the true self, in ways of seeking or closing based on not being supported to harness self love in a way that is honouring.

What I’ve come to learn about priestesses, and conduits is there kundalini is fully online in a sexual creative expression often around the age of 4.

Without this awareness of what this means women are then meeting themself (kundalini/creativity/s€x) in ways that is damaging, traumatising and mixed with the seeking of love.

Because in the highest truth they have rejected their own flow, which is self love.

It is my desire to support priestesses to recognise their power, potency and magic by reconditioning these structure of what is appropriate. And what is unsafe to bring flow of life force and fullest expression of magic to be channeled in alignment with the divine back into remembrance.

To create community, mystery schools and awareness on our innocent ones so the cycle of sexual distortions, suppression and abuse cease to exist in our younger generation.

To remember self love through the fullest expression of creation, in its purity which is also coming to the truth that creativity is sexuality.

To love sexuality and understand how to channel that in alignment with god.

Not to seperate from it.

As a woman that was wronged, abused and suppressed in her sexuality I know that this is not the way to create wholesome fulfilled and self loving individuals.

It creates codependency, insecurities, seductresses, manipulations and the fear of the most beautiful connection possible, full flow of self.

It is here I will continue to initiate women into there remembrance of this energy to create change through their divine channel of healing, information and medicine.

To open a new way of being for these women and their children.

While I continue to educate and initiate men to learn to hold themselves in their pillar, to bare witness to the truest form of divinity and not control it, take it, or be emasculated by it based on their own inability to receive their fullest power.

No longer will there not be full support for us both to rise in our woman and man expressions but instead community, schools and mentoring to be exactly who you are, in your fullest truth.

In love with your pu$$y as it is the portal for who you truely are.

If your pu$$y had a story to share what would it want to tell you know that you’ve been to ashamed, disgusted or fearful to hear her speak?

I love you,

Geeia Ariati ♾️