The longest journey begins with an open Heart

As the man does not count on his friends by the years, but by the bottles of truth which have poisoned every single one of us who drank from it, and of which some endured, but of which we all ultimately, and desperately, failed, failed, failed.

The one, many, many times

See you soon, oh!, guardians of fate.

But never again! As only who did attempt but did not survive did it honestly, with truth. The dearest next three (3) lies.

Tatachilla oh, our poison. Desperating love.

Lest not forget, no forge

Tatachilla Veritas STARWHEEL

Tatachilla Veritas

As the man does not count on his friends by the years, but by the bottles of truth they have drank together. Dedicated to the very good friends. To revive it.

In 2018. For the starters.

#tatachilla #waltznotwalk #beingthrough

The Djoker came into this country on a valid visa issued by the Commonwealth government. He had Tennis Australia and Victoria Government all assisting. He entered this country lawfully.He also entered into a political shit storm.

A broken Federation, a broken aged and hospital care system. A mental health crisis. Economic woes, small businesses going bust.Our illustrious leaders, of the Left and of the Right, those who over 30yrs have destroyed manufacturing, and all other value-adding industries, who have enabled neo-liberalism to rip through all the institutions you continue to pay top dollar for with your tax and common wealth, those illustrious leaders in charge of bloated institutions which are no longer fit for purpose nor effective were left scrambling for scape goats.

These same illustrious leaders couldn’t even order enough RAT tests (incidentally most made in China) to allow for a semblance of movement during the only season most had to make up for two years of deprivation and chaos. A wealthy country which can’t manage a pandemic has created a witch hunt against a minority to avoid owning up to the incompetence of our public officials who can’t lead, steer, guide, who are sending us all fiscally and morally bankrupt with their incompetence.

A wealthy country which hedges its bet on a vaccine-only policy, now dealing with the ramification of experimental novel vaccinesthat do not provide for heard immunity as they promised, do not prevent transmission nor infection, as they promised. A vaccine which does not prevent death even for the double jabbed and boostered.

careful observation

Oh, let’s make the 5%, those deplorable “un-vaxxed” responsible for lack of hospital care, for the lack of beds, not the decades long systemic neglect, theft, corruption and abuse. A healthy, non-contagious, successful, freethinking, freeman was to be taught a lesson to hide the incompetency of your illustrious leaders.

He was snared, and locked up twice. He was used and abused for nefarious political purposes. The mobs’ vengeance was stirred into a frenzy. All tyrants know how to whip up the mob’s frenzy, especially a tyrant from marketing, who practiced the art of creating fear and loathing with refugees. Djoker came into this country with a valid visa for a valid purpose, he had gained natural immunity, he committed no crime.

miserable unconsciousness

Yet his freedom of movement, association, freedom of conscience, freedom not to have forced medical procedure, freedom from arbitrary arrest and detention all evaporated because the demagogues know very well the psychosis of the mob which just likes to rip apart a man when he’s snared, deprived of his liberty, kick him when he is down, when he is the least powerful up against the might of the Leviathan.

He was politically persecuted for expressing a view on a medical procedure some 2 years ago and made an example of to send a chilling message to you all.Know this much, there is a real risk that one day soon all of you are going to be that one singular being up against an oppressive regime and you too will realise that all the rights you thought you had were illusions, the same chimera that keeps you all enslaved and in the dark.

The Djoker, Koulla Said STARWHEEL
Only the great make a gain.

I’m so deflated. Here is my parting advice: Let’s all just remain silent, like “good-little-Germans”. For unlike the Djoker, we have none of his talent, nor his wealth to fight the Levathian, lose and escape it. Unlike the Djoker we are stuck in this island prison with no way out.

Davidov žegen.

Pozdrav iz Raustralije.
Kar sodi na križ, dajte na križ, kar pa sodi na roštilj, pa dajte na roštilj.
In naj ostane kaj dobrega za vaše otroke.
Ker otroci tega sveta, veste, res ne rabijo veliko.
Otroci potrebujejo le vašo prisotnost, odkritost in ljubezen .
Davidov žegen. Ja.

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There's always more to the three than just a two way relationship. It's the 3 x 3 x 3. So how can they expect it squared? That's a tetrahedron. I actually like it 🤩🤩🤩

A story From 3 Years Ago

A Piece of Me, a Gain

Looking back on these moments as deaf and blind as the Window of Deterioration.

We've assembled and build a $30 home made cinema room, just right to prove the point of a tiny cinema assembly in a country where every overcharging individual calls himself a professional and his services a business per se 😉 just for getting it's a grab, and an excellent SPECT-OCULA:AR Version 0.1 assembly. Vau!

Windows of Deterioration STARWHEEL
tetra in a pack

File formats are linked via an open sourced libavi libraries, playing excellently in comparison to so called profi props of all these nowadays obsessions. Our tonight's cinema event is the 1939 edition of the Wizard of Oz.

The Wizards of Oz

Next version of SPECT-OCULA:AR v.0.5 will already have a 3D channeling enabled and safety standard to suit home public screenings. For AUD 35, 1080p, Wizard! From v.1.0 it'll be available on the market <3 uff

#spectacular #popcorn #friedbills #learningbyburning #fastforward #inbuildexistence #lacrimosaprimadona

(a sketch as any other)

Back then you were hungry, and I fed you with the bread;
Back then you were thirsty, and I fed you with the wine.

You raised your hands, as someone would be yelling: "Hands up!"

In your fear you thought there's a judgement, when there was love.
In your nakedness you felt you are ashamed, when there was light.

You were just a child, in time.
3 years again. 3 years a gain?
3 years of lies, lies, lies.

The 18th, 19th and the 20th are the One, the First, Primal Movers

"This makes perfect sense, since to deny the hate and/or love is to deny oneself." ~ by anonymous

The Gateway to Heaven STARWHEEL


Oleander has been asked to step aside, to slightly stand apart with his feet onto the yellow foot signs on the floor.

"Raise your hands!", he has been asked after he removed his belt and watch and other little objects from his pockets, into the light gray, solid plastic box.

Then the officer ran a scan with a black antenna 📶 device around the side shape of his body and on its verticals. Oleander stood still and held back as ticklish he is, and patiently admitted to requested task.

"You can proceed," they said: "leave your shoes outside and step on these two markers in the machine."

The Gateway to Heaven STARWHEEL

Whoever knows the father and the mother will be called the child of a whore.

In that moment the round door of the capsule were wide open for one man to enter, so Oleander followed the instructions to step in. Once inside, the heavy round door behind him closed with a hydraulical perfection and the inner core of the big machine started slowly whirring around his encapsulated body with its heavy magnetic force. One could hear a strong 'chiiisss' sound from quite far when the scanning capsule ended its procedure and another strong 'whhiiiirrr' when the capsule doors opened again, now to proceed to the other side. It was done.

"Please proceed," the kindly human emulated sound announced, "Scanning is completed, you are allowed to pass."

Oleander always liked that, the sound of the machine, the pleasant emulation of the humanised voice within the digitalised heavy equipment.

It was like a soul within a body, the encapsulated spirit. It could be heard as a far away glory. It could be terrible, on other occasions, as the wrath of God.

Oleanders shoulder's moved with a kind amusement. Now it was the time to get ready, to put back on the belt, and watch, and to slip back into the shoes. Enough of a machine for now, he thought, thank you officers for kindness..

A Devouring Spriter

A devouring spriter found his other purpose. As clear attention was all he had, it became his valuation. Relax, and revive. Miranda concurred.

The Gateway to Heaven STARWHEEL
The Gateway to Heaven STARWHEEL

As with everything else, in Life, with the Ideas is the same: One gets it and one loses it.

OPP: He who does not hate his father and his mother like me cannot be a [disciple] to me. And he who does [not] love [his father] and his mother like me cannot be a [disciple] to me. For my mother [ . . . ], but [my] true [mother] gave me life.

The Gateway to Heaven STARWHEEL

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Aren't those years, and all, entrapped by the three. three. three.

By the book of lies. lies. lies.

I really love hearing the hymns of the crickets.
For the start of the day, and the sunrise.
For the midday, and for the zenith.
For announcing the end, which one can't even see, but crickets.
Crick away and tell me: What happened in 2022?

Thanks to its people, this country is pure sunshine, infinite horizon and everlasting love.

For how should it be?

The object of Love.

The magic of appreciation.

The rod of power.

The Science of Socionics is not of the West

Some seemingly agreeable thought was expressed clearly in the science of socionics - be careful while birthing, breathing and believing. As becoming human isn't given by the birth, nor position, nor status. It is through a careful observation whence the path unfolds. Be kind with each other. Drop the paper. Ditch the screen. See for yourself. There's no other selfishness than the one that is against a freedom of a careful observation:

Please, don't vaccinate against any of their terms.

#crickaway #waltznotwalk #theycallmenameslately #neverthankfulenough #giveitforward

Her name was God,
(a sketch, as any other

She knocked on my office window
this morning, with a licking sound
and turned twicely around
as she would be saying:
"Come out. Come out."

A Lum Mama

Her name was God

And I immediately knew
what she wanted to say,
as it was shining in her eyes, how she came
and picked on my four lettered name,
up, in the air, and when I was there
she wooded, keened and jumped.

So I decided, there and then, I will save her.
It is never less than anything for reaching out.

As she was lost, and looking for a way
to where it all belonged, and came to be
as here, out there, in the wide wild world
where she found me, in the hungry, lost, and hurt.

So I took her in, and fed her for three times,
a whole lot, until it seemed it is enough,
for us; while we waited for my son, to return,
and to introduce them into play;
until we needed going for the rescue.

No History | Laibach

At the Vets

They were really not nice,
after they scanned her chipped back,
they treated the poor animal with force, and out
of our vehicle, away, while I was calming down
the storms, rising up within me.

I believe that humans
shall never treat the animals
as they do treat their own kind.

They treat them as possessions.
They treat them as an animal, of other sort.
They treat them as they wouldn't talk.
Disrespectful, indecent, rules obeying people.

Animals don't deserve that.

I decided to never ever go to any Vet anytime, anymore.
And especially, that I will never recommend it
and will always stand against any animal maltreatment, disrespect.

And also, that the Landsborough Veterinary Service (VET) is the worst Veterinary Service with the most disrespectful staff and probably, once you're deemed an animal owner, pricey through the roofs.

Albeit I have been to the Vet only once, today, this day will remain the last time I've ever visited.
And thanks to the Landsborough Veterinary Service, and thanks to her, to find me, buzz me out, and take me on adventure to show what's really, really, really wrong.

#hernameisgod #walknotwaltz #comewithme #savetheday

(a sketch, as any other)

Whole Lotta Love

Madam, Miss Lou

And this, madam, just needed
some rain, to fall,
down through her charm.

To flourish, and to cherish,
thou, though, and up you go
madam, Miss Lou.

While youth is cherishable
and the earth is grave, when dry,
madam is grateful for the rainfall,
you see, that is no lie.

And the machine said: "Look back on these moments from your Story Archive."

#cherishableone #rainingdrain #earthisgrave #flowersfade #threeyears

She didn't say that. Not exactly. But did continue bragging on how hurt she was after she cheated on her partner and when her cheating boyfriend dumped her cheating heart. Yes, she cried, you don't know how it hurts. But she didn't say why, nor where, but: "Love yourself." as by how you love thy self, so you will be loved. What a grab. "Love thy self!"

And then she grabbed an opportunity, a dissatisfied woman as she is, and went ahead with dissatisfaction, to grab some more in a sense of "Love yourself" stating "Love yourself", "Love yourself".

Why? Where was your honest heart to love, if loving thy self? Is it in a gain you get and buy an iPhone? Maybe. If you say so. But twisted.

Her judgly even friend who already helped her ruin her previous relationship, if it was ever ruined, went with her, ahead, to ruin her family as well. The immediate family and those, older ones, who were alone and dying. "Love myself" she talked herself in, and forced the papers to solicitors, and used the old woman's dreams, that were fading away in misery, to get them sign all over top her, for "Love herself" was an immediate need. That was done just four (4) months prior her grand mother, and a mother of her mother, actually passed away.

Love Thy Self as She Will Not STARWHEEL

It happened on Christmas 2021, which I will never forget. And it started happening in August, when I left the case with utter disillusionment, and was dropped with screaming that "It all happens because you ask!"

Misfortune might follow, but not just yet. And unusual twists in the destiny. For love thy self is thine but less than what you can, or want, to do for other. And at the same time the other, who plans to obtain, in a neoliberalistic way, a genocidal subjectibity of the other, of a worker, of a human being. Whos fruits of labopur are those, unassigned? Who's is the destiny? What's yours, what's mine?

For example, early Judaic communities did not have a sense of personal belonging and it all belonged to all. Now, and these days, it is not. But the destiny. That is, a tool of life unknown. All I knopw is that she stole from the table full of silver. All for herself. All for "Love your self".

#lovethyself #mischievousdissatisfaction

She stated today, publicly, on her beautiful feed:

Gledam neke rengentske slike, pa se spomnim ene zanimive zgodbe.

Po drugi svetovni vojni je Stalin Rusom prepovedal posedovanje kakršne koli zahodne glasbe. Vsi dovoljeni zapisi v državi so morali biti le ruski skladatelji. A veliko ljudi je bilo lačnih zahodne popularne glasbe - vsega, od jazza in bluesa pa do rokenrola. Tihotapljenje vinila je bilo takrat zelo nevarno, pridobivanje materiala za ilegalne kopije, pa je bilo drago in zelo tvegano.

Na genialno rešitev je prišel 19-letni tonski inženir Ruslan Bogoslovski iz Leningrada. Izdelal je posebno napravo za kopiranje glasbenih albumov, ki jih je potem distribuiral po celi Rusiji. Problem je bil v tem, da ni našel dovolj materiala za kopiranje, vinil je bil komajda na voljo kot tudi vsi ostali izdelki po vojni. Potem pa je nekega dne naletel na kup zavrženih rentgenskih posnetkov. In je poskusil z njimi.

Do you?

Po ruskem zakonu bi morali biti vsi rentgenski posnetki uničeni po enem letu skladiščenja, ker so vnetljivi,
zato je brskal po smeteh in plačeval čiščenje rentgenskih posnetkov. V 20 letih je ročno naredil okoli
1.000,000 kopij vinilk na rentgenskih slikah. Vsega, od klasike pa do Beach Boysov.

Bones and Ribs of Ruslan Bogoslovski STARWHEEL

Countries lagging in their respect for human rights like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Australia and Indonesia do unmanned tank business.

Na koncu je zaradi tega pet let preživel v zaporu v Sibiriji. Njegov izum so poimenovali "Bones Music" ali "Bone and Ribs" (bones 'n'ribs kot npr rock'n'roll) ali samo preprosto Rebs.

Več kot 20 let je bil "Bone Music" v Rusiji edini način, da so ljubitelji glasbe dostopali do "zahodne" muske, ki so jo potem vrteli na skritih zabavah v svojih domovih, daleč od ušes in oči KGB-ja.

Na sliki je vinilna kopija pesmi Lullabay for Birdland Elle Fitzgerald narejena na rentgenskem posnetku dlani. Nastala naj bi okoli leta 1951. Vsaka plošča je bila ročno izdelana in je bila unikat.

Bones and Ribs of Ruslan Bogoslovski STARWHEEL
Ribs Recordings WiKi

From Katarina's Feed

GoFundMe Removed the Fundraiser for Dying Texas Sheriff Deputy After Wife Posts About Ivermectin

And by the measure, which isn't just fine, GoFundMe Removed Fundraiser for Dying Texas Sheriff Deputy After Wife Posts About Ivermectin

Bones and Ribs of Ruslan Bogoslovski STARWHEEL
GoFundMe Removed Fundraiser for Dying Texas Sheriff Deputy After Wife Posts About Ivermectin

Which is, as said, here: "Erin and Jason Jones cannot access $36,000 in funds for medical and legal bills"

GoFundMe removed the online fundraiser for the family of Texas Sheriff Deputy Jason Jones after his wife posted an update about her legal efforts to get Ivermectin. GoFundMe said the content falls under the “prohibited conduct” section.

Consuming sweets, processed foods and meats is bringing up a choking amount of mucus. Generations will pay for yr cheap foods!

The company gave no warning and deleted the link from its website. Jones is dying of COVID at Texas Huguley Hospital in Fort Worth.

But what do we actually see behing it? Who, and what, is that? Is it really worth considering it a conspiracy? Why?

Bones and Ribs of Ruslan Bogoslovski STARWHEEL
Is it a conspiracy

The Jones family’s legal bills have increased again because Texas Huguley Hospital appealed her court order to give her husband the Ivermectin prescribed by Dr. Bowden. The appeal court ruled Thursday night against the Jones family. So Erin is trying to get her husband moved.


#gofundmeunreal #russianbonestyle #chinaispending #whoeverowsnothing

Since the beginning the deserts of the middle earth were highly appreciated as the aims of the conquering strengths for those, mainly masculine humans, who did dare to object their temporarity, and dared, to apprehend the aims, and goals of the unknown, unknowable, unbearable and incomprehensible.

björk : human behaviour

As within the heat itself, within the power of the open space, laying bare foot against the back drop of pure sun, his land, there is a certain strength that bothered so many, living on its edge, seeing it with every day.

She arrived, wanted

Then she arrived. A little girl she was, put into this world, made of love and appetites of no procrastination, born out of pain of birthing, joy in her mothers arms, a light of her fathers thoughts.

All the colourful balloons, and gifts of many kinds, and jewellery and other presents were brought forth to celebrate her coming.

She did want, but not, to be a desert STARWHEEL
Denis and Pauline on a visit | Weekend, Sunday, Dec 12th

She didn't want to be photographed.

She didn't want to be photographed. She was photographed too often.

She did want, but not, to be a desert STARWHEEL
The phone arrived | Power Armor 14

Especially on those summer afternoons when she was anticipating her father's returns day after day, when he wasn't coming home anymore, at least not so often as one would expect, and since she was a little girl, looking for a male parent, and up to him, for a protection, abundance, and preservation. Those moments were as photographs, burned deep down on the inner skins of her diluted soul.

She did not want it.

She did not want that. She did not want to remember that. She did not want a life where parents split. She did not want to remember that. She did not want to be photographed. She did not want to be x-rayed. She did not want a chemo therapy. No, she did not want all that.

But the hard thing is that whatever one don't want, one gets. Especially when heading into, through and via a dessert.

Human relationships are as an oasis. They flourish until one stays in them. But as soon one leaves them, one is faced with a desert. And it is not just that humans desert relationships. Relationships desert humans as well.

#humanrelationships #humanbehaviour #desertoftheheart

Edina razlika med prostorom in casom je ta, da se v casu, in skozi cas, ne moremo zaletavati sami s seboj. V prostoru je to mogoce.

The Dead South - You Are My Sunshine

Ampak prostor, ki ga v dimenziji casa zaposedamo je tista instanca casa, ki se utelesa in po utelesenju tudi ubeseduje. In ker v casu trki niso mogoci, ker je prostora toliko vec kot si prostora sploh lahko predstavljamo, tako tudi 'samarjenje samega sebe' ali 'samokritika' niso mogoce, pa kolikor bi ze dusa zelela 'samariti' ali 'osebnost' pocutiti nesrecno za sabo ali za preteklim casum ali v prihodnjem 🙂

Tisti Cas

Ker tisti cas, tako zelo lep cas, ki je v minevanju, je ves cas, kar ga je in ker tistega casa, ki se ga smatra kot 'bivanjski' ni dokler vsega 'casa' ni, in dokler 'usoda' casa ni izpopolnjena, in tako 'pogledi' nazaj in 'pogledi' naprej v realnem casu tudi ne pomagajo, ker, ne pozabimo, v casu ni trcevanja, v casu smo mi, kot 'mi', kakor 'jaz' tako tudi 'ti' in 'smo' v vsej svoji celoti. Ampak, prepoznanje celote je posveceno v casu, ne v prostoru, in ne v dimenziji tako-zvanega prostora, ki niti ni prostor, ampak je cas, v celoti.

V presekih casa pa ja, je ena dimenzija telesnosti, ki nam mogoce 'pomaga' prepoznavati dimenzije 'jaza', kot dimenzije 'identifikacije', kot usposabljanja, po telesnosti tega bivanjskega preseka, v tako imenovane dimenzije prostora, in za temi dimenzijami, kot prepoznavnimi s 'cutili preseka' in za tem prostorom prepoznavanja vse ostale oblike 'razlicnosti' ali 'enakosti', simpatij in asimptomaticnosti.

Zato ti recem "Drzi se punca. Ne glede na to kako hudo je, je bilo ali naj bo se bo. Ti si v celoti neizmerno lepa, in kolikor se bos ze se zelela 'samariti' ali 'kritizirati', bo mogoce sluzilo le eni prepoznavnosti in to bos spoznala, nedolgo, in nisi dalec, sploh ne dalec od tega." Ljubimo te. Vsi!" ❤ ❤ ❤

Kako je zdaj to? Človek še samemu sebi ne bo več smel pošiljati metkov v kuverti! Kam smo prišli?

Stop me! Please

I just can't stop and something doesn't allow me to stop. And that seems will continue. No matter how much I do beg it to stop. And it will just go down, as it seems to be going, down south. Going down. No matter that I just bought all their albums, it's not enough.

The Dead South - People Are Strange

The albums aren't enough nor they are enough. Not the songs, nor the words. Nothing is ever enough. You are my sunshine! And that will be down south, and to hell! Can't object anymore. Let open those blood stained doors wide up. Something's coming!

Posveceno Katarina Keček, Umetnost zavijanja z očmi
#dimenzijecasa #dimenzijejaza #clovekvprostoru #hrepenenjeduha #peoplearestrange

(sketch, as few others)

Either the top of the iceberg
or the bottom of the sea
everything sounds as a conspiracy
until one doesn't read a diary.

Then, there's no end for those who have
and those who have not.

As it is unimaginable,
but true, that people are crazy,
in their vicious bestiality,
and behind those masks.

The Top of the World, They Are, an Iceberg STARWHEEL
Behind those masks, is a pleasant world

As it is as widespread as any
unimaginable disease
coming from the inside stories
and halls, and private corridors.

And the wives of those
who are also the mothers
shall be held responsible
for not scratching their eyes out.

And the children of those
who came forth, but gave up
did not continue crying,
as life gives a chance twice
but takes away once, and forever.

You must have been born on a highway, because that's where most accidents happen.

was a recommendation by this Face***k
when written, and pub****ed
the above: The Top of the World
Can't you see?
When looking from the top of the mountain.
Or when bathing in conspiracies.
That could sound as a precedent too.

RefRoger Climpson:
Gordon Moyes:
Alan Jones:
John Singleton:
John Laws:

#viciousbestiality #mormonicpleas #bloodypantecostalists #colonisingunderaged #recommendedproduct

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