The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Life is a Journey. Life is a Gift. Both have something in common, both share the same substance, both have 2 or more ends, both carry 2 or more beginnings. Duality is a Miracle when approached with an open Heart. Life is divided by the Two, the Two are divided by the name of Love. Welcome to the journey.

We have set on our journey a few years ago. The question before the beginning was the question related to Distance. The Question arising with the start of the Journey, is the question of Closeness. Where is the Gift? Where is the Gratitude? What is the honorable deed? How is it achieved? Is it possible to achieve it in one Life’s span? Is the achievement possible in one moment? Is it necessary to take on the Journey for it? Is it necessary to achieve it at all? Is the achievement and realisation of the Gifts that Life imposes upon ones self achievement enough on itself or is it more to it? There should be an ultimate question. There exists an ultimate Gift. Life on itself is a Gift. As it is perceived, so it is passed on. As it is lived, so it is Given upon. As Above, so Below ~ they have said. In one, or More pictures, indeed.


Shiny Seidenstern, Mighty Tigresse, Twirly Mouse, Swami Duckananda, Picky Aquarius, Balancing Scale, Hairy Leo’s Heart, Happiness as the State of Mind … (that’s fishy)

As to the rest, Coming Soon …