The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Be content. Right here. Right now. 

And do not even try to find us, nor to look for us, as we really do not exist, and therefore we do not matter. At least not a lot. At least not, at all. As anything really, for whatever appears to be is only and uniquely within yourself. Thus be content, and do not even try emailing us. Please just don't. Stay content. Stay within. Stay yourself. As as such we love you the most. But with every email you would try to send, or contact us in any way, by finding ways, or at least attempting, in every possible direction - the universe will have but an immediate response. And you don't want to mess up with the nature of the universe. With the nature that is, but is really not, not even within, nor without. Just is, right here, right now and please do not trust us. It is a tiger!
Life is a journey of an open heart. Life's but without an end, pre-defined. It carries on but one determination. That everything is quite alright. Everything is fine. Everything is as it is. But it is only one, for you, especially, to enjoy. Thank you!