The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Nightmare. With Mr. Ahaschwer v.16VI23

Nightmare. With Mr. Ahaschwer v.16VI23

Subtitled: Auschwitz transnational

It's here where we've set our foot once. You may find our traces. But it doesn't happen very often that anything is found. It's nothing to be found after all. Only where we landed, once.

It's exactly where we planted seeds of no return. And the name of our ship has been titled after Mr Ahashwer. The famous wanderer. As were those wanderers. And that's many of us. Us all.

Wanderers of the cosmos.

We're the universal wanderers. And it's unstoppable, our nature. For the promised land. Seeds of the seeds. Plants of planting. Wanderers of wondering. The remaining few.

Nightmare. With Mr. Ahaschwer v.16VI23 STARWHEEL

We won't leave. We cannot leave. We won't forbade. As there's nothing to forbid. As this is ours. We're deeply rooted. Rooted by the word and by the world. This is where we planted the humanity in soil. In white light. So it cannot spil. And it won't spoil. Not you. You're exempt. But we aren't. We never were. Call me Ahaschwer if you like. Or any other name you please. But do not ask for answers. As there are no answers. You are the answer. Just do jot ask. As if you do, that is the end of it. Goodbye. And see you soon. Mucho grazie.

See less. That way you'll see more. As if you see more, you'll see much much less. And you'll start to wonder.