The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Like Watches

People are like watches
some are early, some are late
some are broken. Stars.


Iskra Kosjenka Tesla:
- evo što je na ot rekao David
-- evo, pa skacem. i svaki put ovaj lift odveze me jos malo vise. pa zato zanima me tko to sve izmislio
--- Iskra Kosjenka Tesla: Uros W Stern, Mr.
Like Watches STARWHEEL

Here, you've held me, in your arms,
the torso; no arms, no legs, no eyes,
bound across the river, for the stars.
My love for you is like that river,
Sava into Dunav, there seems no end,
the Sun, the Moon, our descent.
No destiny can ever deny those legs
to walk the paths we did, blindfolded,
through thorns, blood, completely.

#actsofinnocence #actsofdisobedience