The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Adafit by Kiss, Kiss, Kiss

Adafit by Kiss, Kiss, Kiss

No need to stress these days. No rush. Everything is in absolute order. Everything is in absolute tranquillity. The states, the farms, the reports, statistics. Nationalities unabridged, nor gaped, not shell'd, nor shelved. A kiss, kiss, kiss.

Adafit by Kiss, Kiss, Kiss STARWHEEL

A gallery of days as promised, thus arrived. As a package from some passed with a missing semi-colon and a colon, in its entirety.

I have seen some of the most beautiful places that this planet has to offer. I've seen deserts, skies, the lands and seas. I've seen undergrounds, the switching of the seasons, the pains and sorrows of their inhabitants, the animals, and plants, the trees. Everything is illuminated said that title of a movie). And the other, in Loving what is. Loving, that is.

Its worth it. Every cent, a moment, every piece of advice, a diamond. Those, by the dinosaurs shall stay, to take a picture at the end of days.

If you love me you shall say "Goodbye" waaay before the dinosaurs were ever thought into existence. And Kiss, Kiss, Kiss.

Loving what is, Anywhere is. Caribbean blue.