The longest journey begins with an open Heart

From Zero To Hero, Far Beyond the Reincarnate

From Zero To Hero, Far Beyond the Reincarnate

(short version) For a simple fact, as an example, some suppose that this obscure mister is in a huge financial debt. Very simple. And the debt is as big, as similar, to a debt of the other mister, the famous american businessman, if we can call him that, who has been as of the recent in politics too, and who is, by his very best, married to an extremely beautiful slovenian woman by the name melanija.

So, in order of the money flow, and if compared to any regular mortgage, this one is so huge that a single worldly person simply cannot imagine its size and proportions. not possible. an ordinary person simply doesn't have that kind of imagination. but, as it is with a regular person, who is indebted, and hugely affected by a debt to live for whatever purpose or reason a person is, this person knows well there's always a forthcoming day when the mortgage repayment is due. And a regular person is therefrom deeply affected by the possibilities of the future, which are extremely obscured by the fact of this intrinsic fear speared deeply and painfully through his organic being by a humanely impossibile hope, and belief, so imposed to ingrave on its heart that it's true. And humanly possible it is for such a surgical procedure to indebt a human being. And is it really so? Is it true?

Is a belief as such really necessary part of the being or is it but just some little sprinkled magic across an entertainment of spectacular device as a humanly possible is?

And one can see many many people living on many many places, driving through their lives, and their wives, and their kids, and the children (as much as they reproduce) through many many ways, which are all but all are on credit, all run on mortgage, all run on the dreams and the nightmares thereof. And down to the point, when the mortgage repayment is then overdue, which is constantly once, twice, or three times, running on zero to zero, from zero to one, from the one back to zero, as one is, as many, and many as one? - what happens? if you're experienced, at least, what is it? And what does a person need then to do to repay the indebtness after remuneration of debt reaches a treshold of the three consecutive overdue repayment failures? Three indebted coins made of gold of what sort?

What happens to a regular, everyday, working person, when the mortgage hits on overdue? what is really happening there? how does that affest the persons life? and how it then, by the degree of proportion, this affect the life of a person claiming on sanctity, chastity, et cetera, which are some of the most expensive values? how does a person of such status need to repay on the overdue debt recollection? how does such person even exists? these are but only a few questions ..

eximpromptu: dalai lama as a beggar on the street holding out a tin cup to collect golden money from children of the world sticking out his red long slimy tongue to every child who turns immediately into a white tan semi transparent snail

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