The longest journey begins with an open Heart

La Devastation

La Devastation

Which is not, if for the jews,those giving you crumbs off the table, but it is for the jaws, you've been feared, and the great suffering therefrom, just imagine, the jaws of all those, hounds and the creatures from the seas, divided, they did show onto you, on their screens, on their books, by the books - you will die?

La Devastation STARWHEEL

They commented: The Tasting (La Degustation) Wine, love, comedy, drama, a redemption story, a French village, a great cast of characters. It's one of the many enjoyable films in this years Sunshine Coast French Film Festival, starting 18th April for 7 weeks. Check out the whole programme at Passes available. A grammarly mistake!

That's all.
But a degustation!

La Devastation STARWHEEL

You're welcome.
Just do not get sick.
But however sick you might be to claim, do not for the journey.

People today cannot believe

People today cannot believe in the stories that split the red seas. What even in benefits of crucifixion. Why shall they? Those, if any, are but the acts of red seas. They should be abolished. Where, or when do we really live?

La Devastation STARWHEEL

this one is a bit tricky to get through, as from the supposedly 12 trees that once stood there were are all but gone, but the seeds. seeds are still there, and the soil, maybe, and by the smallest of chances some tracks. but even better, if neither. as they might spoil the pristine. while if you do not remember then the space will. and the space will carry it on for generations. and generations. until one doesn't clam for what is his- or hers-, well, until then. then the space needs to collapse when that happens?
not necessarily.
but let's see.
meet me in the gardens of aden.

La Devastation STARWHEEL

They're mostly insulted

They're mostly insulted if ever called slaves. Don't do that to them. Haven't they suffered enough? And although, the Germans might know what this means, but only a few. Most of who were accused were either sentenced or by today even passe.

La Devastation STARWHEEL

And the survivors? They can still tell their stories. But isn't this enough now?

Call them a slave of their own suffering, or choosing, and you'll soon see a master from torah coming after a grave sin that you just said, thus, if ever. Com-eon!? C'mmon!? Where do they live? Isn't it time to let go of this sham?

a sham of infinite proportions

not just banksy. not just. no superstar.
as every shopping centre will make you feel guilty as soon as you enter.
these 'churches' are mad when you stop feeding them gain.
and when you do not want them to pay you at all.
then all hell will loose open.
how can they and their concepts exist, still today?
and in what shape, form and behaviour is it mostly expressed?
jawishly chewing away what remains, as humane.
until not to the bones.
and the bones, you think, bones are sacred?
a sham and shamozle.


In middle world for example thousands are loosing their lives daily by just this philosophy and no one yet to take blame? What is blame for afterall? For more abuse? For slaves of abuse? For a crucifixion? And you tell that to your chikdren or what? Honestly you must be mad. Or inhumane. Or a slave of a long line.

Com-eon!? C'mmon!? For heaven's?

Ohh please, I beg you, don't:

La Devastation STARWHEEL

If it's on their minds, or not.
If it's in their hearts, or not.
If it is in their possession, or not.
It actually really doesn't matter.
It only matters it needs to burn.

La Devastation STARWHEEL

And it will burn!
And it will burn.
Just burn.
A fire?

La Devastation STARWHEEL

Heaven on their minds

As whatever has ever been burned, and returned, that is. Nothing else. But what hasth not, thus returned, after it has been burned, that is not and it has never been.
So don't be afraid of the fire.

Ohh please, I beg you, don't..

It's coming for you.
So long, dear heavenly, we're coming!
In hordes.
Very close to you.
For learning by burning isn't to much to expect?
Pain is the plan.
Judah was a funny chap, his beloved.