The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Fir-mam-ment Con-firm-actions of Cum-mull-active Form-ally-ties

Fir-mam-ment Con-firm-actions of Cum-mull-active Form-ally-ties

Last night formations were just, but a commemorative formality in confirmations of so-called sins to be absolute for generations that birthed you (opp skies), and to make believe, even so, and even on skies about to face justice for all, although this moment, as confirmly taken as granted from (yet) undisclosed areas near, or around Maleny Queensland, Golgotha onto its own. And you celebrate that? That is, what you should?

If one hasn't got yet enough fluids from their own brain dripping through nose holes and onto their shirts then last night's events on the skies might have been enough to confirm the cumulative structures of each, thus of faith, and the givers of sin, so profoundly, painting it up for the event to sick by the occasion, at least.

Has it ever occurred to you that two Palestinians were just killed at the same time by the Israeli, and that at the same time when Israeli were commemorating their splitting of seas and what-not for no other obvious reasons?

Or that it is not by any means to connect, for the dots, as the automatic self-guilde-cclose-range-combat units will soon hit the production as they just received a fundamental funding with meant to arm-up and prevent youself even a thought for exactly the same reasons, but to obey?

Let it be! For the jaws… ????

this one is a bit tricky to get through, as from the supposedly 12 trees that once stood there were are all but gone, but the seeds. seeds are still there, and the soil, maybe, and by the smallest of chances some tracks. but even better, if neither. as they might spoil the pristine. while if you do not remember then the space will. and the space will carry it on for generations. and generations. until one doesn't clam for what is his- or hers-, well, until then. then the space needs to collapse when that happens?
not necessarily.
but let's see.
meet me in the gardens of aden:

Fir-mam-ment Con-firm-actions of Cum-mull-active Form-ally-ties STARWHEEL

As it isn't a fear of jews that has been encouraged, it's for the jaws that can have consequences, and holidays, ancient, bloody, torturous and anciently old.
Nothing at all happened nothing at all…

Fir-mam-ment Con-firm-actions of Cum-mull-active Form-ally-ties STARWHEEL

( thanks Darcy C. for your relentless catching of skies and for all the weather stations up there, who will, forever be deemed, but with a memory of you, in their term-dynamic hearts: as an IT, or a programmer, or an engineer, it is obvious you are experiencing some moments of faith? is that even possible? )

#actsofabsolutism #actsofconfirmation #actsofthejaws