The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Accidental Talmudist, Entrapped

Accidental Talmudist, Entrapped

It has been on April the 5th, at 7:21PM, so bloody late

But say whatever you like, it is a straight out lie.
Your words, a lie, your time, a lie, your misconceptions, a lie.
You're selling mysticism, you'll be issued an invoice.
For even hearing a blasphemic idea like this is an insult.
If not even a sin, to commit.

Accidental Talmudist, Entrapped STARWHEEL

You've never left Egypt, black land, for real.
You're just holding everyone else within it.
Since 5784 and the some odd bloody years.
Half in the lie and the other half in deceit.

But we are not of your time.
We were here before you ever started.
And we'll stay, for when you're long gone.
Just end it for sake now as this is SO AD36.
What were you thinking the most?
Of the profit?
And threatened the pharaoh?
To 'smack' his firstborn?
But you 'smacked' one of your own?
What a schamozle it is, this passover.
This mysticism.
This shame that you sell.
Bless you but get real.
And this isn't for you 'accidental'. We like you.

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