The longest journey begins with an open Heart

C*tting Beyond Treason

C*tting Beyond Treason

For if you will ever need to, c*t them, get ready first, get something really sharp and sharpen well, sharpen well. And when, if ever, you will begin, for that event, then take your time, take your time. And when you will, if ever, start to c*t, then c*t them, slowly, with every single c*t.

C*t them, slowly. C*t them, with a feeling. Start of the bottom up. C*t them as slow as you possibly can c*t, to make them feel, to feel respect, the feeling in the c*tting, by the c*t, for the c*t and after the c*t. C*tting sharp, and slowly.

As no one else has ever ever let you know. No one else has. Let you know how. To c*t.

Learning by c*tting. C*tting sharp. C*tting decent. C*tting with a feeling.

C*tting with respect, (be)for(e) respect, and after. C*tting with a feeling. C*tting beyond treason.

C*tting Beyond Treason STARWHEEL

These were, and still are, his deep childhood dreams. For one night, thousands of years ago, when they held him by all five, of them, in dark clothes, and c*tting sharp, throughout his neck, all night.

Perseverance beyond the must. C*tting sharp. Beyond the treason.


"In the heart of any desire is our desire to meet God and God’s desire to meet us.", said Neza N in the Paradise Retreat Center.

Anthrax - Antisocial

iAfter last night I woke up with a feeling of 'bali' and with a hand, smashed by a huge falling rock caused by a tremendous earthquake that shook the whole mountain range, and just before that ginormous rock came falling down on me in the moment when i was, with a hand, smashed, holding the phone, trembling and wanting to do my last call to my wife to say goodbye. then all went black .. ufff

C*tting Beyond Treason STARWHEEL
had a dream && an earthquake

link attached has nothing to do with imagery, but with the feeling and the atmosphere maybe, to a degree.
** will be looking for the latest earthquakes around the globe now.
*** if this is from and for the series of 'acts of disobedience' then this, indeed , is becoming an interesting story
**** Shabbat ended yesterday, after 6PM. Suprene treats filling the skies. Colours unadviced.
* Becoming color-blind is the next .. painful act.

On the Circumstantial Acts of Learning

As the current circumstances are pointing in a direction to take a stand, and root down deep, to take ground, if not the underground, it is then always, preferably to go beyond, and across all possible extremities to encore the essence, the shield, the spears, muscle, a cup, a stick and to find the most appropriate swords. Gearing up!

Just don't. Not yet. At least.

So, in this position I am, open heatedly for through the gates of bloody hell I will go in order to reach out and to descend, all the way down to the last friend, and to the most precious, for here I stand, just not yet, getting started.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart to, Adam of the Adam's Son of the Adam's family and for the Kombi Killers.

Just Don't start! Just not yet. Gear up!

C*tting Beyond Treason STARWHEEL
for the sound, of silence

In this fashion, and from today, will be keeping the gates of undergrounds open for the hordes of honesty, the hordes of immediate truth, for hordes of no remorse, with great fun indeed, thus, in plenty.

Don't start, not yet: Oh cursed to forever walk between Hell and Earth as a demon, lonely and unfeeling. Apo! Bitter to see in the form of the pathetic pursuit of imbalanced force, my eyes, swell'd of infectuous tears. Panhos! Get into the line! Get into the line! Daimonos! Daimonos!

C*tting Beyond Treason STARWHEEL

But while geting started: Don't start! Not yet!

Lama. Lama. Sabbathani!

C*tting Beyond Treason STARWHEEL
Everything is possible,
until impossible.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
With Kalbar Sunflowers,
just not yet.

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