The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Humanely Full, Of Possibilities

Humanely Full, Of Possibilities

Here we come at once to a very important fact. Man does not know himself. He does not know his own limitations and his own possibilities. He does not even know to how great an extent he does not know himself.

Humanely Full, Of Possibilities STARWHEEL
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Without proper acts of civil disobedience such man will never have a slightest chance to even grasp at the requirements of how to attain him/her self, while still in this life-form, still full of possibilities.

Proper acts of civil disobedience allow the possibilities to become a tool which lies, dependent, solely in man's hands, his heart, his rational being, and his pre-destined soul.

Do not forget! Perform at least one act of civil disobedience with every single day.

Humanely Full, Of Possibilities STARWHEEL
it is non-attributable, CC, no-copy, thanks 🙂

Simon said: "Great photo!"

Michel Petrucciani: "Sometimes I think someone upstairs saved me from being ordinary."

Humanely Full, Of Possibilities STARWHEEL
Sometimes I think someone upstairs saved me from being ordinary

It Is Humanely Impossible

He said: "honestly", to everyone: "thank you!",
"the world is much, much better today than it ever was.",
he paused in that moment, in silence,
"but do you really believe it is?",
when he opened his eyes again,
"why don't you open your own eyes?",
"thank you!"

See-less, Say-less

people are able to say many different, simple things which are true, to a degree, or untrue, to another degree. with animals, on the other side, as a supposition, is different.

wenn es passiert wurde, mach es einfach und mit liebe

everything the animals ever say is always true, no matter how they say it, nor when, nor in what a relationship.

as the 'saying' is more of a 'communication' than anything else. so it has to be experienced as such. and while experienced, in the human form, it has to be taken with a simple reservation as well, as to the degree of how it is received. and in the process of a-perception it is important to have the interest of the other in the first plane first than any individual interests in general. some basic, simple rules. true or untrue, people are a good bread.

we do not want what we do but we do it as we don't want it, for example. and we don't necessarily don't want to do it for the same reason as we would want it, but we don't … etcetera (to be continued)

Humanely Full, Of Possibilities STARWHEEL
did you know that? did you!? you didn't tell?

Only Momentary Sorrow-s Of The In-Divi-Dual: It will soon pass, it will soon be over, you will be dead, and when you are dead then everything will be just alright, just and all right

The questions of gender neutralism, as seen through an occasional Jewish discussion, suggest a momentary sorrow, in asking: If there exists no noun for 'it' how is one supposed to address ''it' if without gender?

Humanely Full, Of Possibilities STARWHEEL
Peace, justice, morality (and similar) are all only ideas, but are the most powerful ones. Except for the Torah. Do you agree?

The other explanation, not mentioned with the aforementioned reference is that: love is created for the purpose of two and by the two, 'she' is divided, for the sake if love, or even: life! - which is from far earlier traditions than Judaic, which is, by its 5784+ odd years still a fairly old tradition of spiritual practice, but under scrutinising terms of relative periods of time, the Judaic is not old enough to know, not old enough to reference everything which is, divided .. or?

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