The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Little Blurry Mountain

Little Blurry Mountain
So full of wretched souls is, Sunday

burn your iPad.
sing away that bloody sam-sung.
smash the micro widows.
drop it!
wreck it!
smash it!
break it!
for the purpose of pure enjoyment.
for the smashing.
for the burning - burn it!
with some karozene!
(good idea opp)

Little Blurry Mountain STARWHEEL
wonderful angel | Gustave Doré (1832-1883)

then turn around and leave.
then go and climb the mountain,
and climb hard.
when you reach the top, calm down, sit down.
and look down, carefully.
look for signs if smoke is still there,
down below.
if there's still smoke, await, observe.
and then, when the smoke dissipates,
and dissapears,
then forget it all, forget about everything,
close your eyes and
just breathe for a while.
then look down again:
what do you see?

The Flute

Just, Listen

not just the flute,
not just the magic.
it is for the deepest night
that one went
and did not return.
not yet.
just listen.

Little Blurry

Little Blurry Mountain STARWHEEL
not just blurry it is, unseen

this is little blurry,
for example:
but your sight is alright?
if blurry or not:
look at the image (attached)
and what do you see in this image:

  1. please keep concentrating your eye-sight on the image (attached) for at least 22 seconds without blinking.
  2. then pause, and quickly close your eyes.
  3. with closed eyes, observe what's happening behind closed lids.
  4. what image do you see behind closed eyes?
  5. describe what you saw.
    (if in the process nothing is shown, maybe try again or just try to describe the image you see - but continue with the practice above)

* if needing any advice from a doctor, advice with a doctor.

Wonderful Angel

immediately, I fell

He came and shot me
straight through my foot.
and immediately, I fell in love.
And there were many, many more who fell,
as he was, and is, truly a wonderful angel.

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