The longest journey begins with an open Heart

For Vasilij' Fire, on a Ship

For Vasilij' Fire, on a Ship

PATHO-LOGIES OF A FATHER (was never there)

From most of them one might like
those, with simple requests
for a fireonaship.

While their attempts to rescue
something quite imaginary
might bear an apple.

not even a response
but just by a simple sight.

Thus you will be held responsible
for every-thing you do,
or see, or click or react to.

As there is no end to human
ignorance, selfishness, greed, and fear;
but there's an other; it knows no sympathy.

Within the pathologies of the father,
and, as told, father's siblings that are two (2)
one might choose the woman, better; not just once, but thrice.

For when a man, or the woman
have no choice, no any more,
then they are ready.

For when a man, or the woman
cannot be FED to anymore
then they are free.

But beware the one that even slightly
claimed on the soles of freedom:
his mouth are dry and dirty, and thus is, his wrecked soul.

Fire on a ship! emerged that night:
fireonaship! fireonaship!
it burned and burned, in blue, and yellow, reflections on the sea.

Learning by burning fireonaship!
With generation, after generation,
for what is not, won't return; for what has never been, won't stay.

if one can bear a spit directly in the face
between the eyes; then one can bear interpretation.

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