The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Autobahn, Evenly Unlimited

Autobahn, Evenly Unlimited

Beware: Speed limits do apply
on the Autobahn, evenly unlimited,
to get you home,
to your final destination.

The Battle for Stalingrad

by Antony Beevor and Artemis Cooper, 1998
(a gift from a dear friend J.D.B who received the book in 2005)

I know about the battle for Stalingrad
and how deeply it was fought.
For a fact I know it from a book
I got as a gift from a very special friend.
He was only one of those,
in my imagination, and when thinking
of his skull in the grave, underground
as I was actually thinking about him
just recently, even today.
When the earth moved under
the trembling battery hammering
of unaccountable rockets shaking the floor
I could hear his thundering laughter.

Gefahrgutunfall mit Militärkonvoi auf A6: Mann stirbt bei Folgeunfall

Marijana Kostic, on Feb 4th MMXXIII wrote:

"It has thirty years for that. I always traveled by train in winter to various sessions in Stuttgart. One very cold morning waiting in the queue to buy a ticket at the counter, in front of me a gentleman, an elderly, a cashmere coat, an expensive leather bag, talking to a gentleman in front of me. He says this is nothing, what we experienced near Stalingrad. Young, proud officers in the finest leather, high boots and uniforms, as if we went to a parade somewhere, and it's minus 34 outside!
A picture was created in front of my eyes, of a young handsome boy and I almost feel sorry for him!
PS: German foreign minister said recently that EU is at war with Russia. Too bad she couldn't hear a snippet of this conversation."

Autobahn, Evenly Unlimited STARWHEEL
The World Will Hold Its Breath


Imagine about how good we are how deep we are, actually, and how thorough.
Imagine how far are we prepared to go and imagine the goals, and aspirations, and all the best wishes ..
But for that, to fully imagine, we will need to imagine much more.

As imagination knows no limits.
As imagination that is bound to live within our own boundaries is maybe not only enough, but is much more that we ever imagined?

There exists No!

Israel protesting.

Autobahn, Evenly Unlimited STARWHEEL

People against people.
Protest against the protest.
Very peacefully.
Having a Coke between.
Not really.
Not protesting.
Someone attentive enough has figured out a way how this all works.
And it is a very similar practice carried out as the practice infiltrated in the past by an international economic hit-men WHO got many countries devastated and into a such unbelievable economic and devastated monetary position that the first sign for a re-coup was to accept Coca Cola as their drink of choice. Then came a gun.

Autobahn, Evenly Unlimited STARWHEEL
You will never again need to .. (imagine / love / suffer etc .. etc ..)

Izhrael oh Izhrael.
Protesting again.
Not enough weapons.
Not enough gain?

For Every Day, For Every Sun

For every day
the sun, sets
with a little help
of thy friends.

A little help
for everyday
when the sunsets
are, with friends.

* every personalisation is only but symbolically assigned for the friendship which is here, to stay

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