The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Exer-cise! Exer-cise! Exer-cise!

Exer-cise! Exer-cise! Exer-cise!

He said, "Exer-cise, exer-cise, exer-cise!"

Then emphasised, "Exercise (to a degree) your right to be forgotten!"

"With every single day!", he noted.

With an explanation: "As if you do not exercise, your rights will be forgotten."

Then, they went to Africa.

They went, and they arrived. Multiple-times | Face***k

There she reasonably deducted: "One needs to exercise own right twice every day, in the evening and in the morning?"

She referred back, as to as it is written, kindly, "When you lie down (die) and when you rise (resurrect).."

Meaning: during the time when people lie down (to die), which is at night, and during the time when people get up(resurrect), which is the day.

Exer-cise! Exer-cise! Exer-cise! STARWHEEL
Hauntinh, but not catching. Catching, but not haunting | Mis-spelled

She explained: "In terms of belief, this is a religious question and needs to be observed properly. Observed in a sense of exer-cise, exer-cise, exer-cise?"

Do not procrastinate! -or- How is that supposed to happen?

opp "Exercise to a degree .."

Exer-cise! Exer-cise! Exer-cise! STARWHEEL
Y**r Right To Be?

".. your right to be ..", opp.

"And do not", he emphasised additionally, "Do not procrastinate! Never procrastinate your right!"

So, in conclusion: "Exercise (to a degree) your right to be forgotten!"

Exer-cise! Exer-cise! Exer-cise! STARWHEEL
How does it translate?

No pro-cra-sti-nation

Can be that about Face***k? Or does it apply to every-thing?

What does a belief say about every-thing?

Is it a 'thing' that is of a religious or of an ontological dis-position?

Can it be that it is actually 'religious' this 'thing'?

Exer-cise! Exer-cise! Exer-cise! STARWHEEL

Or phenomenologically, in a sense, thus affecting: intellectual capabilities, truthful behavior, natural immunity, humane interactions, human 'rights' or human 'rechts' or human 'reich'?

For now, and most importantly "Exercise your right to be forgotten!"

As already now is already late if not too late.


Whoever will ever attempt to look straight into His face will be dispersed at the moment of thinking of trying. For, forever trying to ever even mention His name: His lips will dismay, His being will fail, His presence, although for a moment. It is all, but a moment.

Exer-cise! Exer-cise! Exer-cise! STARWHEEL

Within is, as without. Without is, as within. No laws, to break. No rules, to obey.

That human is only free who has never even slightly claimed on the concept of freedom.

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