The longest journey begins with an open Heart



she behaved nicely. from the beginning. as everything does. such a lovely creature. as everything is.

she was so incredibly well presented that she could dump every single boy she ever wanted to dump all over again and again, and boys were as hypnotized, hurling back, again and a-gain, into mischief. until one day.


after all her 23 boyfriends have been processed through her inner working compendium, that is - one by one, and succumbed into oblivion, then an unbelievable happened, all over, again and again. and more and more she wanted. that's how she was made. but not yet.

then they all had to call her OTANA, which is short for NATO but not quite. and her high heels were deeply painful, especially when they were driven into the skin and molested the apparently innocent, dumped boys, and their naked backs, piercing as through that child-soft skins with piercing sounds, and prerequisite laughter.

some of them boys had more freckles than others. some had moles. some other, melanoma. and some of them, up to this day, were already dead. why? either blown away by the suffering damage that her absence and her sadistic manner inflicted onto their unbalanced characters. or dead by occasion. or a cancerous death. or by drowning. hanging. even shooting. can you imagine?


as any one of them who ever came so close to her to invoke her loving mechanisms, even so close to even taste the kisses of her uniquely designed lips, each of those, brave-ones, had suffered painstakingly.

all of them agreed at every single moment that it was worth it.

even those, who are now dead. they scream, poor ghouls, from their graves: "we would die again, and again, and again", for another kiss of hers or at least her feet, if not her desirable lips, or razor sharp hands.

others remain forgotten. burned.

N0 T0 NAT0 | 0TAN 0T 0N

and one, down-there, suffocated in beach-sand, uttered: "you would not think that northern atlantic territory organisation is such a curvaceous woman holding grenades driving tank and carrying weapons pop art style" .. what did he mean by that?

Namely, as it came out later, one day he found a cardboard box, supposedly in London. I think that might be. In the box there were supposedly 1 kilogram of lennon's glasses. For whatever meaning can be attributed here.

If it is true, what then?

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