The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Merember Wisely!

Merember Wisely!

As far as we merember we have had the promises, to fulfill, solicited tasks, to undertake, and agreements, to respect. As far as we merember this, it has been a covenant that we've made, a contract, that we signed, some partially, or with pen, some fully, or with blood. So far, all good.

But now, when the time is ripe and when those promises are all, but fulfilled. Now, our meremberance has reached the peek, and depth of understanding. That is not an under-statement.

There are no more tasks to undertake, and no agreements to respect in a way we have respected them, mnemonically, ecclesiastically, up to this sole, naked day. It is all gone away.

Gone, in the meremberance of past acts, as with the wind. All wiped.

Now, since we are faced with our-selves within, although without, we are, but a meremberance? So absolutely transient is our call, thus sufficient to be unheard, ignored. But the old is gone, well overdue, and is expired.

It has been since 27 years, and counting.

Day by day humanity will need to realise the fact, it can be pain, it can be a gain, but it actually doesn't matter. Meremberance is gone, you will be facing walls. And for every individual and every non-human persona, that it is not an article or a clause anymore, what is?

Meremberance is a tool: Merember wisely! No comment.

From the meremberance archives
(partially indicative entries, publicly available)

Question: Friday, 17th February, MMXXIII

We have indicated we will now rally with 'your' other customers to ensure that 'you as an object of our imagination' conducts itself in a legal and professional way. If this is not possible, we will be forced to seek help from outside legislative bodies.

Answer: Friday, 17th February, MMXXIII to our records, it is today that your 6 monthly Invoice is due. As we have been experiencing a lot of issues with you paying for our Invoices, although we have given you a head-on from the start by a great discount and 99% availability. Therein we expect the Invoice that is due today to be paid immediately, and no more than 24 hours after overdue. The due date is today..

Question: Monday, 20th February, MMXXIII

what sort of company would close a support ticket sent on a friday afternoon around 5-6pm (an hour before the Jewish sabbath) and close it the next day on a Saturday (3 hours after the je-ish sabbath concluded) .Its not even the next business day, its a weekend?

I suggest we move all support tickets to a public forum like your facebook page and we can let your customers decide if you are acting professionally or if I am simply a troubling customer. Respectfully, I think you could use the real world feedback..

Answer: Tuesday, 21st February, MMXXIII

Please accept our apology if we closed your recently opened ticket too soon for your taste. As we clearly stated, we offered you a free one-off support session immediately, if you would have kindly followed up on our request to pay for the outstanding 6 monthly invoice in the 24 hours after supplying your ticket, or 24 hours after the actual invoice became overdue (17. Feb '23)..

Question: Thursday, 23rd February, MMXXIII

I have a text message that I will share with all of 'your' customers , again without malice or intent to harm, to show them what they may expect from contacting 'you' in the future for support issues. It states from your "owner" **** that he better fix our emails otherwise I, Andrew D, will "go crying to the rabbi". This behaviour not as you say "punctual, respectful and highly responsive" so dont play games with me - I dont have time for it and see through it immediately. We are mounting a legal case against so if you do not sharpen up your act and treat your customers' businesses with respect we will mount a class action lawsuit against you with other customers of yours who are severely dissatisfied with your behaviour. I have had the Rabbi profusely apologise to me for recommending you and I have told him not to take it to heart as I too was fooled by the lies.

Resume: (same date as the last, above)

When I open a support ticket it is closed on a weekend because I observe the Jewish Sabbath, and now I have to book a support session to get a response , with the underlying assumption you are doing a favour for me when I just want what I paid for to work..

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