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Exercise to die, in order to live

Exercise to die, in order to live

As in this life one is ought to die in order to live then in order to live truthfully one needs to exercise the universal right to the art of dying with every single day.


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Preventing that same right would be as preventing to 'delete' (as often as one ought) any click, reaction, post or browse habit.

One also needs to be ready to die with every single day.

At least twice: once when one ought to be a-live and the second time, when one ought to die in order to live.

And there's an intrinsic logic in that, sadly enough, passionate enough, and targeted enough.
The attribution of happiness haven't existed before the right to die, as to live, with every single day.

Exercise to die, in order to live STARWHEEL

Therefore, no happiness

Therefore happiness, as a far away expression of pleasure, is just a 'term' assigned, similarly to: one ought to 'die' with 'happiness' (or similar) - which has no meaning, factually.

Exercise to die, in order to live STARWHEEL

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You shall not forget to exercise your right to die not with every single day but especially with every single moment, all over, again and again.

Space Grotesk | MOLK COW IT

Therefore: GET OUT AS SOON AS YOU CAN DIE! (skidoo23)

He said: "ok ok, don't cry of hunger - in order to live one ought to die with every single day"
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Does anyone have any idea why Micro*oft is using font-family: "Space Grotesk" (hosted by GOGGLE) to 'their' .NET (aka MSO) ? (see the preview)

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Exercise to die, in order to live STARWHEEL

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