The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Disappointed Widows

Disappointed Widows

From disappointments that are en-widowing parts of a resorted feminine, in rising. For the date, as from today, is faith:

how does that work?

a funny fact: just this morning, when i went where I told that I need to go, and underway, and while doing a privately agreed transfer of some pre-ordered IT equipment (that we assembled) which happened on some pre-elected parking spot for convenience and speed, it happened:

Due to my insatiable search for a relief, when I wanted to express straight out utter disappointment and after that, when I let it just pass without emotion, it was that I met an interesting man with somehow shaky hands and jeyy-like appearance (Jim) who has been (as he entrusted me) meeting with a wider Ozzie group (all over 50) who are all a part of The Light magazine movement (Australia) originating from UK.

In my experience UK has had a palatine part in the consecration of current situation.

So, we briefly chatted, exchanged some opinions and collected some papers when I promised to (him) to return meeting the group if they will still be there, straight after my X-ray.

Then I did, unfortunately, upset the whole X-ray team (and their clergy) who needed handling me with an utmost care and kindness, due to foreclosing privacy, security and monopolistic approach to dealing with corpses of attention deficits lying around at their office. Which seems clean and sanitized, was utmost dirty, and which was dirty, was really sanitized.

A guard dog didn't let me out so I needed to raise a concern that it is all-all-right as such has to be their agenda for when getting the patients in, never to let them out. That's the core of their business, in short.

After 11.30AM it wasn't too late before arriving back to The Light Group table where I met with around 20 very interesting people 🙂

What a day indeed. And this even isn't the end. It has happened before.

Disappointed Widows STARWHEEL

For when it was before too late

You have not denied me presence
when I asked you, wittingly
if I may pass, the gates of no return.

It was because you knew
that even sacrificing that very particular moment
which is commonly called life
simply won't be enough
for your wondrous heart
and a sign, of great anticipation.

I drank the blood from your lips
and you didn't leave me
until my corpse
wasn't fully dried
and full of rain

#drycorpse #fullofrain