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Unhandled Promise Rejection

Unhandled Promise Rejection

(excerpts from a scrabble)

"No, it wasn't Falco!" she said with a scent of distress, "as if it would have been, it would give a totally wrong impression!"

A short pause followed. The two interrogators and the commissar in the room all nodded at once. Then, a short silence when everyone turns into a stone. Only a recording device on the table quietly scrambling..

"So, it might have been Jörg!?" commissar asked next.

She looked at the commissar, impressed. Her cheek muscles absolutely tense, suppressing a cold smile that forming beneath her face skin. Her lips thinned.

Then she replied: "It might have been Jörg, but I can't confirm nor deny. Besides, I like it regulated!"

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Commissar nodded. Commissar looked down on a piece of paper lying on the table in front of him and checked-off on the last check-box with the required statements.

At this point commissar paused as he saw there were no more questions on the list for today, so he dropped the pen loudly with a sight of relief.

"We did it!" hi thought to himself with applause, silently.

But that wasn't the end of this conversation.

The last line on the day's list was: Now everyone needs to lie!

And only the commissar knew the last line. Or at least he thought he was the only one who knew as he did, as he was the only one allowed to read it..

Starben, damit Deutch-land

On a similar occasion s/he said it differently but only for the occasion, if it has any similarity. The only remaining question was whether it is a s/he or a h/es or a e/sh (in corresponding variants)

Unhandled Promise Rejection STARWHEEL
Mira Murati (to be forgotten) I like it - Regulated

ECCE see right hand thumb

Jennie in the questions of palmistry: Unhandled Promise Rejection

Unhandled Promise Rejection

Till death you won't be owning nor owing anything. Then, everything will befall you. As in a deepest ice-box we're all but a rabbit.

Unhandled Promise Rejection STARWHEEL
we're all but a rabbit

As the other side of palmistry would know for the better or for the worst, everything, and that literally means everything, has an undismissable history. But as the undismissable has but a lonely rule, for an exception, that rule is non-existent, no matter how much it's taught, conversed or rhetorted about. There are only two sides to palmistry, either Yes or No. No exclusion from this rule. No palmistry at all.

We are, all, but a rabbit >