The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Switch ON, by default, then OFF

Switch ON, by default, then OFF

In a 'sane' world survival of course has its place.
But this world isn't 'sane'.
Has never been.
Never will be.

Where possibilities (opportunities) are endless limitations are based on precedents.
While everything is endless, but for the possibilities (opportunities).
As said at the beginning, in my opinion, the question of 'survival' is about determining the remote controllable 'switch' .. then I understand the 'need of survival' and the 'survival of need' of all this intensive 'drama'..

Switch ON, by default, then OFF.
For the future owners of the human resource.

P.S. This (as therein or anywhere, isn't of any importance whatsoever. It doesn't exist. All made up - in my opinion. Similar to 'landing on moon') Short: a damn lie upon lie upon lie … ? for whatever 'science' is in that.

Right now It started to rain.

Giraffe's necks are getting longer and longer …

Look at the night sky tonight.
Tell me what you see.

Be warned:
It's not a balloon.
Don't shoot it!

It's important to be right here, right now. How else would kids ever understand us?

Switch ON, by default, then OFF STARWHEEL

Tanking presence. Inter-continental

#righthere #rightnow #tankingpresence

Then, the Second Moon Landing of the Camomile

of the golden camomile was his scent
on the night when he was approaching me
from delving deep below, in night, into where I was
trembling, in insurmountable, the void, for his return.

The Second Moon Landing of the Camomile

for one eye I kept open while
the rest of me, indulged in abundant flow,
as through wild dreams,
have been breathing him in, breathing him out..

* inner dynamics at nights of full moons like this can positively discharge electro-magnetic polarities..