The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Two Paintings

Two Paintings

As the story goes. Told for us from momentary memory by Ivanov Chrni:

I have heard that once a rich man came to Picasso. He wanted two paintings, and immediately, and he was ready to pay as much as demanded. Picasso demanded a very fabulous price - thinking that he will not be able to pay it - because only one painting was ready.

But the rich man was ready to pay.

So Picasso went in, cut the canvas in two, and the rich man thought these are two paintings.

(Osho. Be a joke unto yourself.)

A. Tarkovsky

An Immediate Resonation, thus Amplified

Only g*rmans can plan with calendars.
Only *nglish can plan with cards.
Only we have no plan.
We do art.

Two Paintings STARWHEEL

Thanks Ivanov. Your story was the best on this day.

Because of love we are, divided.