The longest journey begins with an open Heart

This is what I know

This is what I know

October '23:

This is Slovenia that I know.
And I am coming home.
Although only for a visit.
And this is what I anticipate to meet.
And no less. No more.
Or there will be another Turkish war.

This is what I know STARWHEEL

In order to ascend or descend, in any direction possible, first of all - let it happen - you are the staircase 🙂


in its deepest sense, although IT personally can prefer the loneliness, or being alone, in the vastness of this universe, at least, the HUMAN is a lonely being? "what is IT?" ~ the devil asked when found a lonely heart, "how does it feel to be HUMAN?" * **

* in the response to a day marked as: everything needs to change in order for everything to stay the same. (quo vadis) (status quo)

** prompt (as-is) et (as-not)

This is what I know STARWHEEL

Beo grad 🏰 calling me dearly

Pickle me pickle oh pickle indeed 🤩🤩🤩

This is what I know STARWHEEL

In every generation, we should see ourselves as if we personally left Egypt.

In spiritual sense any man and any woman with an appetite for material possessions is a criminal. This goes through the beginning and the end of any story..

Christianity, for example, is a religion that emphasizes spiritual devotion according to that fact, not only requiring the admission to guilt and unbearable weight, but also allotting an indefinite amount of wealth from its devotees. Like any other religion would do..

The Way of Irr-reversibility

What I believe in is what I know. All for one, one for all and all at once for the many. And no matter how hard and by what means this time impotently requires to: forget this, forget that - we know what we believe in so clearly, so much more, that it is much less, that we could ever forget, much less, that can be seen, felt, traced, controlled or even found for sure. It is no fact. No more.

This is what I know STARWHEEL
In order to ascend or descend, in any direction possible, first of all - let it happen.

In all the universal, chaotic and irreversible being and by the being of universality, chaos and balance, therein, it's an irr-reversible way ..

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