The longest journey begins with an open Heart

WHO Any Day, Are, Without Prejudice

WHO Any Day, Are, Without Prejudice

If we are about to, to paraphrase, then we are about to, to reflect this Every Any Day (RRC):

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WHO are, a good people WITHOUT PREJUDICE

Reflect, Respect, Celebrate (RRC rel. au-par #1.26.2023).
Three words that have come to encapsulate the spirit of Any Day.

WHO reflect on our history – its tragedies and triumphs, and the opportunities and potential our history points to.
WHO respect each other – our diversity is a strength.
And WHO celebrate – because we are a good hearted people, in a country of many possibilities.

WHO would like to begin this year’s Any Day address by acknowledging the traditional custo**** of the land I’m/You're/He-/She-is currently on – Any country.

WHO also pay my respects to the elders, past and present of the traditional custo**** of all lands around.

WHO am pleased to see that progress is being made in relation to Indig**** input into decisions by government at all levels on matters that directly affect Indig***** people. WHO am grateful to all participants in the co-design process.

Reflect, Respect and Celebrate.
Words that extend beyond Every Any Day and summarise so much of our-/their-/other-way of life.

The impact of everything last year meant that, like many, She/He and WHO spent a significant part of the year working from home.

WHO sympathise with the many who were separated from family and loved ones. That sense of separation was heightened for WHO in recent weeks as we/you/they recovered from anything.

During last year when we could not travel, our days were filled with video calls with migrants from across the country.

WHO spoke with people in parts of the country dealing with anything and the ongoing recovery from anything, the bushfires and the like.

WHO thanked people involved in the response – those on the frontline, those coordinating the response and mental health.

WHO listened to people who have chosen to make it home talk about why they have embraced our values and become valuable members of our community.

WHO joined virtual classrooms and heard from teachers, students and parents alike about the challenges of learning at home.

Migrants from very different backgrounds, dealing with different challenges and with different dreams for the future.

Yet there was some consistent characteristics:

Grit and determination …
… Kindness and compassion for others; and
… a quiet confidence that, if we look after each other, we will be okay.

Him/Her and WHO have seen these characteristics throughout our time in any-place.

Young people, like the mentors and student warriors-on-call WHO come together every morning to exercise, create a safe space and a better future.
Farmers like them who battled years of _ _ _ _ _, suffered serious losses _ _ _ _ _, yet are still looking forward to a good season.
Leaders like example who has worked tirelessly to help the _ _ _ _ _ through the pandemic.
Emergency service personnel, like those we met somewhere who, when disaster strikes, roll their sleeves up to help friends and strangers alike.
Organisations like any who make films with, for and about people from diverse backgrounds and abilities.
Communities like those which have supported each other as they rebuild from the devastating bushfires.
Humans like those that have been recognised in today’s hit list – humans WHO have served and achieved remarkable things at the local, national and international level.

If you/he/she reflect on your own community, you’ll/he'll/she'll be able to identify WHO and groups with the same qualities.

Chances are they are most evident in the people that you quietly respect.

It is why we should celebrate.

Reflect, Respect, Celebrate.

As you/he/she/it do/does, and as you/he/she/it celebrate Any Day, WHO hope that you/he/she/it share WHO optimism about the year to come and our/their/other future.

There will be challenges and there will be tough days. WHO will disagree on many things.

But, as WHO said, WHO are a good people.

WHO are the product of WHO's past and the sum of our/their/other individual stories.

WHO are kind, WHO are strong and WHO future can be bright.

That is worth celebrating.

// before watching the animated video-link it is advised for you to ask your GP or an anesthetist if it's safe for you to do so.
// the statements above do not directly express the opinions of the publisher / publishing / published

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