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Giggle with Goggle, Goggle and Giggle

Giggle with Goggle, Goggle and Giggle

Today is marked by the receipt of the second refusal by an online printing company to refuse, dismiss and cancel our placed and fully paid order for printing.

They probably accept only teddy bears, sunny tans and coked signs, or prints off a demise of a non-dis-comfortable thought?

It was the Vista***** that refused, dismissed and cancelled our order with an explanation: "We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the cancellation of (items on) your order. However, we have made the decision not to print these materials. We have credited your account for the unprinted items."

The previous company that dismissed, refused and cancelled our order was the Optimalprint who cancelled, refuted and dismissed our order even without a notification. We needed to actually call in, in order to find out that the order has been cancelled from their side, without an explanation, and while chatting with their roboticised chat agents, even without a delivery of cancellation on order, although it has been requested and confirmed by them.

And this isn't only the beginning. This is the Giggle with Goggle 🙂

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