The longest journey begins with an open Heart



This one has become a more important promise, esp under the fact that you've been taught in so many ways how to 'fear', how to 'consume', how to 'neglect' that you actually learned something: D0 N0T 0BEY, N0T EVEN DIS0BEY!

(He or She = sHe) referred into asking: "How can we live without the politico-corporate complex sustaining our every biological function…"

"Well" a thought compromised by the assumption went on replying: "One thing that needs to be clear first is: we aren't alive! we're not living!" and: "in the eyes of those 'jealous g-ds' who demised the above conditional assumption into referral on 'corporate' living, we are 'blank dead'." A demise. A neglect…

So the question of 'how can we live?' isn't properly addressed here.

The real question would ask: "How can we die?" referring to: "Oh dear master(s)" which would be or may-be a more appropriate question esp in the sublimated non-sense of 'we aren't alive' practice of those chastising corpus sancti of the holy (cross of all crosses) which in its most real form ends stripped, misused, beaten, nailed and slavishly killed on a cross with a pure SMDB enjoyment, facial salivation and umbilical fanaticism of those same greedily ruling torturously obscuring caste ..

So: "How can we die?" if 'we' aren't alive ..

Et Domini Pactis, Et Deum, Neum Corpo Rationi ..

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