The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Stence, Terry?

Stence, Terry?

Let me not just stop here. In a moment. Let the flow continue. In every possible way. As in, and as in out, aren't the only possible ways. If possible is even possible. Consi.stence is consistentially an existential question, and reliability within the dimensions of causality isn't necessary the point of existence. Identity based on an ever changing point between the had and eeth. Hadeeth. Between the Ra and Nuith.

There has always been a Magma. That I must admit. Is charactero-logical flaw due to the un-organic experience by the matter.

Another Day: Magnifiqy

Today was another milestone day. After a long walk through a week of dry calculations, irrational rationalizations and cuts, all the steps forward being carved, as in stone, by the chisel, all nicely.

Et Cetera

Played out well and the master of trade is getting excited. But far from the real satisfaction. Which is, of course, innatainable for those who are living as well as for all those, proudly, but surely are dead.

No one is ever buried. Unborn maybe?

shorter than a memory

Children of dust. In every single pore we are, within every single particle of life, we glow, through every single breath that life gives and death takes. Its toll.

Two golden coins for the children. Oh where are though, thoughts.

All saints.

An Age is a Question of Mind Over Matter: If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.

He said. Long gone.

Stence, Terry? STARWHEEL
Time is of a questionable substenance. Till this day.

Even for the ones that came before the above as well as for all those that will come after: please fore-see and take care. Is it all a dis-aster? Dis Aster as from Per Aspera ad Astra.

Then that's a whole different story.

Which doesn't differ after all.

It fits completely. Impletely. Within. And without.

Love is. Take care. For all of you ... Terry?