The longest journey begins with an open Heart

A Honest Review

A Honest Review

If one would bring an innocent tourist to Australia (right, right now?), his/hers innocent visit might end up with a quick and cleanly superficial conclusion: "This is a freaking roofing land!"

But not just that, mind you. (there's a potato)

For the innocence by the innocent

His name might remind of old books on reading stands and half lit / half hidden faces turning up, enlightened in mind, and by the light, through the soul with innocence, shining bright in half lit eyes, either deepening, in gratitude, or in exaltation.

A Honest Review STARWHEEL
look me into my eyes and tell me that again. please.

"I know no falsehood", he murmured solemnly a vow: "until the king is slain!" But when the king is, then, oh then look down onto his people, onto his land.

Time to make a difference / via aesnepo / More >>

He is far away now. Living another life.

Every peasant can become a king. To make a difference.

And there's a question about that potato. Is it a potato or a pota-toe?

And a remembrance hint? : : What is a regular Australian 6 course meal?

No, he wouldn't object, but the reality of things might change depending on the observance, the observed and the object of the observation. Deep dive within and through. A jetski maybe?

A Honest Review STARWHEEL
A coincidence suggests