The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Illusion of Being Eternal = Being Eternal

Illusion of Being Eternal = Being Eternal

Life has no meaning the moment you lose the illusion of being eternal.

Jean-Paul Sartre

Dustin N Sweepin
Google: is truth constant?
It is constant. Which means if it isn’t constant, it isn’t true. Which means the entire universe, which is built on change, is in fact not true..
Only that which cannot change is true; aka eternity

Illusion of Being Eternal = Being Eternal STARWHEEL

Dee Dee Parise
Life is very meaningful it's all what you make it your mind is very powerful positive thinking will never hurt

Michael Affatato
But we are eternal.!.!. the funny thing is that people who think they know about science talk about science as facts but the upper echelon of the true science world has taught us we are in fact eternal

Shannon Sebastian
The same guy where 'Hell is other people?' Don't surround yourself with people that don't mean anything, just like you shouldn't surround yourself with a life that's meaningless.

Marcus Tyrone
The meaning of life is….
The meaning you give it.
You're the artist it's the canvas.

Paul Brewer
There’s only one source of meaning: Shemp.
Meditate on Shemp and everything will be okay.

Illusion of Being Eternal = Being Eternal STARWHEEL

Brenda Lxve
Actually i think life is to love as much as love is to live , Asè🦋🙏🏻💫

Naomi Lu
But we ARE eternal.

Bob Billy IV
So glad they are both wrong!!!

Chace Sheldon
Illusions are real so, riddle me that

Marty Baldwin
“That movie didn’t mean anything because it eventually ended.”

legalise lsd

Rion McCauley
reality is mind, mind though awesome is illusory. Weee

Mike Massaro
Just goes to show you, we are going to suffer regardless, why not make the best of it

Krystan Crow Shoe
Life is full of the meaning we give it. Therefore, it has meaning 🙂

John Flood
Read this and think again

viktor frankl

Danny Rowbotham
Reality is what you make it. And nothing more.

James Popela
But it definitely does have meaning.

Brian Bridwell
I oscillate between the two.

Robbie Alan Long
I find this to be quite an unhealthy way to think