The longest journey begins with an open Heart

You Are, Most Welcome

You Are, Most Welcome

I do, while I look.
So, I'm a voyeur?
Guess what!

Why are you doing that?

Explanation followed: You can't learn. I cannot teach. You don't want to be taught. But you give an impression you'd want to and gain a trust but then split apart and completely redirect.

You Are, Most Welcome STARWHEEL
I do, while I Look. You are, most welcome.

Do you really just want to see it, from inside out, to experience its working, to note its principles and then avoid it by abolition of use altogether? No? No. It's a call. And a degree to which it is absent, or, in other words, it is present to a degree it is absent, or, in different words, it is a miracle to know.

Although welcome, indeed, we do not recommend you to enter. Only if you really wish.

No matter what or how you might or might not be doing or going with it. It is a matter of interest. But not just yet. Think about it.

Human thought is faster than aether. Human thought has been one with the g-d. And human, as is, has been created, to gain the speed that is matching, but not in sameness, the speed of g-d. Even faster.

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