The longest journey begins with an open Heart

The Gateway to Heaven

The Gateway to Heaven

(a sketch as any other)

Back then you were hungry, and I fed you with the bread;
Back then you were thirsty, and I fed you with the wine.

You raised your hands, as someone would be yelling: "Hands up!"

In your fear you thought there's a judgement, when there was love.
In your nakedness you felt you are ashamed, when there was light.

You were just a child, in time.
3 years again. 3 years a gain?
3 years of lies, lies, lies.

The 18th, 19th and the 20th are the One, the First, Primal Movers

"This makes perfect sense, since to deny the hate and/or love is to deny oneself." ~ by anonymous

The Gateway to Heaven STARWHEEL


Oleander has been asked to step aside, to slightly stand apart with his feet onto the yellow foot signs on the floor.

"Raise your hands!", he has been asked after he removed his belt and watch and other little objects from his pockets, into the light gray, solid plastic box.

Then the officer ran a scan with a black antenna 📶 device around the side shape of his body and on its verticals. Oleander stood still and held back as ticklish he is, and patiently admitted to requested task.

"You can proceed," they said: "leave your shoes outside and step on these two markers in the machine."

The Gateway to Heaven STARWHEEL

Whoever knows the father and the mother will be called the child of a whore.

In that moment the round door of the capsule were wide open for one man to enter, so Oleander followed the instructions to step in. Once inside, the heavy round door behind him closed with a hydraulical perfection and the inner core of the big machine started slowly whirring around his encapsulated body with its heavy magnetic force. One could hear a strong 'chiiisss' sound from quite far when the scanning capsule ended its procedure and another strong 'whhiiiirrr' when the capsule doors opened again, now to proceed to the other side. It was done.

"Please proceed," the kindly human emulated sound announced, "Scanning is completed, you are allowed to pass."

Oleander always liked that, the sound of the machine, the pleasant emulation of the humanised voice within the digitalised heavy equipment.

It was like a soul within a body, the encapsulated spirit. It could be heard as a far away glory. It could be terrible, on other occasions, as the wrath of God.

Oleanders shoulder's moved with a kind amusement. Now it was the time to get ready, to put back on the belt, and watch, and to slip back into the shoes. Enough of a machine for now, he thought, thank you officers for kindness..

A Devouring Spriter

A devouring spriter found his other purpose. As clear attention was all he had, it became his valuation. Relax, and revive. Miranda concurred.

The Gateway to Heaven STARWHEEL
The Gateway to Heaven STARWHEEL

As with everything else, in Life, with the Ideas is the same: One gets it and one loses it.

OPP: He who does not hate his father and his mother like me cannot be a [disciple] to me. And he who does [not] love [his father] and his mother like me cannot be a [disciple] to me. For my mother [ . . . ], but [my] true [mother] gave me life.

The Gateway to Heaven STARWHEEL

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