The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Her Name, Was God-like

Her Name, Was God-like

Her name was God,
(a sketch, as any other

She knocked on my office window
this morning, with a licking sound
and turned twicely around
as she would be saying:
"Come out. Come out."

A Lum Mama

Her name was God

And I immediately knew
what she wanted to say,
as it was shining in her eyes, how she came
and picked on my four lettered name,
up, in the air, and when I was there
she wooded, keened and jumped.

So I decided, there and then, I will save her.
It is never less than anything for reaching out.

As she was lost, and looking for a way
to where it all belonged, and came to be
as here, out there, in the wide wild world
where she found me, in the hungry, lost, and hurt.

So I took her in, and fed her for three times,
a whole lot, until it seemed it is enough,
for us; while we waited for my son, to return,
and to introduce them into play;
until we needed going for the rescue.

No History | Laibach

At the Vets

They were really not nice,
after they scanned her chipped back,
they treated the poor animal with force, and out
of our vehicle, away, while I was calming down
the storms, rising up within me.

I believe that humans
shall never treat the animals
as they do treat their own kind.

They treat them as possessions.
They treat them as an animal, of other sort.
They treat them as they wouldn't talk.
Disrespectful, indecent, rules obeying people.

Animals don't deserve that.

I decided to never ever go to any Vet anytime, anymore.
And especially, that I will never recommend it
and will always stand against any animal maltreatment, disrespect.

And also, that the Landsborough Veterinary Service (VET) is the worst Veterinary Service with the most disrespectful staff and probably, once you're deemed an animal owner, pricey through the roofs.

Albeit I have been to the Vet only once, today, this day will remain the last time I've ever visited.
And thanks to the Landsborough Veterinary Service, and thanks to her, to find me, buzz me out, and take me on adventure to show what's really, really, really wrong.

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