The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Love Thy Self as She Will Not

Love Thy Self as She Will Not

She didn't say that. Not exactly. But did continue bragging on how hurt she was after she cheated on her partner and when her cheating boyfriend dumped her cheating heart. Yes, she cried, you don't know how it hurts. But she didn't say why, nor where, but: "Love yourself." as by how you love thy self, so you will be loved. What a grab. "Love thy self!"

And then she grabbed an opportunity, a dissatisfied woman as she is, and went ahead with dissatisfaction, to grab some more in a sense of "Love yourself" stating "Love yourself", "Love yourself".

Why? Where was your honest heart to love, if loving thy self? Is it in a gain you get and buy an iPhone? Maybe. If you say so. But twisted.

Her judgly even friend who already helped her ruin her previous relationship, if it was ever ruined, went with her, ahead, to ruin her family as well. The immediate family and those, older ones, who were alone and dying. "Love myself" she talked herself in, and forced the papers to solicitors, and used the old woman's dreams, that were fading away in misery, to get them sign all over top her, for "Love herself" was an immediate need. That was done just four (4) months prior her grand mother, and a mother of her mother, actually passed away.

Love Thy Self as She Will Not STARWHEEL

It happened on Christmas 2021, which I will never forget. And it started happening in August, when I left the case with utter disillusionment, and was dropped with screaming that "It all happens because you ask!"

Misfortune might follow, but not just yet. And unusual twists in the destiny. For love thy self is thine but less than what you can, or want, to do for other. And at the same time the other, who plans to obtain, in a neoliberalistic way, a genocidal subjectibity of the other, of a worker, of a human being. Whos fruits of labopur are those, unassigned? Who's is the destiny? What's yours, what's mine?

For example, early Judaic communities did not have a sense of personal belonging and it all belonged to all. Now, and these days, it is not. But the destiny. That is, a tool of life unknown. All I knopw is that she stole from the table full of silver. All for herself. All for "Love your self".

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