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The Top of the World, They Are, an Iceberg

The Top of the World, They Are, an Iceberg

(sketch, as few others)

Either the top of the iceberg
or the bottom of the sea
everything sounds as a conspiracy
until one doesn't read a diary.

Then, there's no end for those who have
and those who have not.

As it is unimaginable,
but true, that people are crazy,
in their vicious bestiality,
and behind those masks.

The Top of the World, They Are, an Iceberg STARWHEEL
Behind those masks, is a pleasant world

As it is as widespread as any
unimaginable disease
coming from the inside stories
and halls, and private corridors.

And the wives of those
who are also the mothers
shall be held responsible
for not scratching their eyes out.

And the children of those
who came forth, but gave up
did not continue crying,
as life gives a chance twice
but takes away once, and forever.

You must have been born on a highway, because that's where most accidents happen.

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the above: The Top of the World
Can't you see?
When looking from the top of the mountain.
Or when bathing in conspiracies.
That could sound as a precedent too.

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