The longest journey begins with an open Heart

By Those Lips Thou Shall Be Eaten

By Those Lips Thou Shall Be Eaten

(a sketch is, as no other)

By those lips, thou shall be eaten. Rejoice!
And from the hands of those you'll lick your very sorry self away.

Iskra, Svarunova Hci

As Love itself is only very much unequal:
As it takes it all or it takes absolutely nothing!
And you have no other choice.
Food to worms, oh rain of saddened hearts.
❤ ☠💋☠💋☠💋☠💋☠ ❤

be afraid at least once
be afraid at least once or move away

Buscando la Verdad

DJ Ricky Campanelli claimed titles to the song used in this video, and thus we decided to publish video by ripping the songs away. As it is not in the song what the video is about, and it is not upon the author that would be prohibiting its representation. But the copyright agents, owners and the streaming platform of choice. This time, we died Goggle 🙂

To Dance, It Is, To Move the Night and to move the Day

Men need to prostate!

Men need to exercise. Exercise their freedom. Freedom to scream out loud. In order to protest. Men need to. To pro-state.

men need to prostate as men are prostate
men need to prostate as men are prostate

Without their need fulfilled men cannot exercise. Exercise their power. Power to control. Power to object. Power to mass excise. For their women need it. The power. And the freedom. To suffice. Through exercise. The hidden strength. Which is, unseen.

At the BNE rally, today is Saturday. And it'll stay.

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