The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Six Times 111 with Two Huge Horns

Six Times 111 with Two Huge Horns

The third of the two, that came before the second was the one that always counted steps it made into our lives with its six legs, six times 111 force, or feet, or by whatever meaning that it crawled with into our miserable human lives and its terrible imagination when we needed the most strength that one can get to overcome innumerable monsters.

Six Black Legs It Has, Six Times 111, and Two Huge Horns

Huda Mravljica | Slovenian Classic

And the monsters? The monsters really appeared monstrous, the giants, within immeasurable formation of light, and within the immense ability of darkness, and its dark, dark forces. And thus, the monsters were, or are, continuing their presence throughout the realms of the dark, within the dark, and with the power of the darkness. The magic of giants is immense in applications of its force when surmounted by the power of the ancient bull and bull's horns, calling to wars.

As in the deep darkness of every single night, but they were actually not, as opposed to the most terrible thing which was the magnetic force between the order of the first two, coming into appearance, and the struggle between them, and after it, the initial cosmic bang!, the supernova, the distant star.

bull ant fight
Power is Immense

It's power is immense, and its presence kind and thoughtful.

And its force is running every beating heart to live, and to let live, and to give, with infinite thankfulness, itself, into the experience of the living.

But, once it's awakened, it appears as one g-d damn angry ant, and nothing, really absolutely nothing, can stand in its way. At least, and bloody not. Better not. And don't you dare!

One bloody angry ant! 🙂 as angry as ants can't be. Bull Ant.

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