The longest journey begins with an open Heart

A Job of Forgiveness, as Any Other

A Job of Forgiveness, as Any Other

(a sketch)

I think to myself:
"I've seen them all blue."

I've seen them all blue.

And they were, cold and stiff,
in the aftermath.
And the others employed me,
as an accountant.
for the job of forgiveness.

I had the task to count them all in,
in the tables of time, and to assign,
for each one, a shade of the blue,
and a shade of white light.

After 20 years at the beginning. One may doubt their appreciation.

And the employers were pretty precise,
all from Saturn and Uran,
constantly saying:
"What a wonderful world!"

And for the reward, they were adding
in a pretty serious humor:
"Don't believe in ice cream!"
or as I thought, that was a rumor
of where they were from, and their place.

Those, who come last, will be the first, and those, who come first, will be the last. Said Uranus.

The remuneration for job wasn't an option
for the job that was given, and for the task
as there wasn't a possibility of choice
in its terms, if we may even describe it humane
if ever wanting to being forgiven.

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