The longest journey begins with an open Heart

It Was Freezing Cold, Judith!

It Was Freezing Cold, Judith!

When it was freezing cold, and when your breath was the last sign of exorcising life coming from your fragile, tired, sleepy body, and there, where you were lying on an icy, stony path, thus falling asleep of exhaustion, deep freeze, just before reaching your destination, and when you were completely lost:

Then I took the silver, curved knife super seeded with all precious jewels, so dear, that I always hold hidden in my side sleeve of that long, green winter jacket made of 100% sheep wool, and there I ripped my heart apart and opened a passage for you and took you in, and you thus entered.

Kralj Petar I dogodio se 2018

On that place then, at that time, and where we spilled the lake of blood, there you were finally safe, and taken in.

Then they came. They came centuries later. And they built a fort there. To this fort they gave your name.

At the Schloss Braunfels, Germany.

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