The longest journey begins with an open Heart

What's the Buzz? Are you hungry, aren't you?

What's the Buzz? Are you hungry, aren't you?

(quick draft)

If you ever again mention even one those, respectful names, in any of our conversations, of which, and BTW, we will still have many, then please beware of this:

If you will ever again mention or attempt to mention any of the names of: 'Jesus', or 'Muhammad', or a 'Buddha' or of any other demon of your imagination; then beware to include a legal statement that endows you with the power of attorney to ever mention, and ever again disregard and blate their respectful names.

judas was only jealous, some say a transgressor, some say in love, some say a homophobic. but what do you think?

As it is not You, who we are talking with, and by whatever law, in your respect, you might disobey, thus know, we have nothing else to talk, as if, and in this regard, bring forth the one who does carry the respectful name and about whom you maybe speak, sincerely, as the talk shall address them directly, and there is no need, for you, to be there, present, in talking, not at all.

Not even a 'reconciliation' will ever help you. A man needs to eat! and be eaten, as a man!

There's some strangeness in all senses of reconciliation. Once an act of violence is committed to such a degree that almost annihilates the whole human species away from the face of the earth, then a notion of reconciliation is similar to, for example, flushing a toilet, or as in a phrase 'business as usual' etc.

What's the Buzz? Are you hungry, aren't you? STARWHEEL
mercurius metallorum

But just hold onto that thought for a moment, and imagine, for a little while, that the same would have happened to your very lone self, to your offspring, and to the seven knees down throughout your offspring, immediate family and friends, and even to the people you meet on the streets, or in the offices, every single day of your lone existence, maybe strangers, from the same city of your lonely living, maybe some others, completely unrelated to your lone self. Imagine that, and keep it on your mind, for a moment, or some more. And mark these words onto your heart as written with a burning rod straight from the melting ground of the nearest volcano. As once, and as soon as possible, it is absolutely necessary, to mark your heart with these words of promise. Some call it a 'reconciliation', but we hold it up for a sole responsibility for every and any case of this lone living thing. Us included!

Who are we? We are no-one!

But if you do address it, and maybe even initiate the talk, or becoming part of it, please know to include the papers, and the apostilles on papers, that shall allow you to do so, and please bear on mind the responsibility that will fall upon your immediate presence, if found out that you've cheated, by mentioning their name in disregard to the reality of abuse, molest, and any sacrificial effort you might have, on your sick mind, or heart, or other ways, unknown to us, and without exception. That is, for all, either included in talks, or not. There's no other way!

What's the Buzz? Are you hungry, aren't you? STARWHEEL
the night of the sharpened knives

WHAT'S THE BUZZ? and WHAT'S HAPPENING? will thus not even occur to your mind, or your souls, if any, for when it happens. And what will happen, please be advised, will be exactly, as mentioned above, and below. Watch out your belly! As now matter how hungry one is, it is better to endure the pain of hunger than the immense present of the one who will, if so, awaken within your very lonely heart.

Advise with any specialist of your choice, if you may, before, or during the times of your immediate need, but against it, and if you may, be advised not to advise with anyone but yourself first; as the most important part is going to befall upon you once you've been found responsible for whatever transgression you may be found related to, to you your very name, or similar, a name of any of your relatives. Just try, please, being responsible. Just once. If you dare!

And please, offer at least a gram of dignity for your transgressions before the day is carried out, and business, which will go on, as usual.

Thank you!

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