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Cleopatra's Preferred Method of Suicide

Cleopatra's Preferred Method of Suicide

(copy, Sue Bond, 26m ago)

The sheep's grumpiness rubbed off on me today with this painting of Cleopatra with a bare breast, one for 'private' patrons, which leaves me cold. Her lover has died by his own hand and she's killing herself with an asp rather than be a spoil of war, and yet is supposed to be in erotic ecstasy. I think we know what 'private' patrons wanted in their paintings.

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(9min ago)

Yes Asps have rights too you know. They've been portrayed as bosom biters for the past 2000 years. The time is ripe to get behind Asps and give them all the support they need. Many Asps suffer from PTSD due to Cleopatra's preferred method of suicide. Its time for a more pharaoh go for Asps. Lets make sure none of our current leaders use Asp clutching as a way of relinquishing their seats. Bronwyn Bishop and Barnaby Joyce take heed!

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(8min ago)

Steve Bond, haha, love it!!

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(1min ago)

She looks so Egyptian … NOT!

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A large proportion of art in earlier centuries was simply dressed up male fantasies. Rape scenes were particularly popular, anaesthetised of course. John Berger nailed it years ago in Ways of Seeing.