The longest journey begins with an open Heart

For Who, the Hell, are All the Tears?

For Who, the Hell, are All the Tears?

For who, the hell, are


(a sketch)

It is a tear, that falls
but out of love
while the eye is clear
and gently closed.

now, it is, thus here

"I want to die!" he said,
"like the Afghan", as an Afghan
as the manners do matter
when you live, however,
and only when you live
like an Afghan, as an Afghan.

we do, delete, as we do not cry of tears

And then you know
these things will happen
and you know so badly
you want to die, straightaway,
like an Afghan, as an Afghan,
and live
like an Afghan does.

Sappers Lullaby, Fred Smith aka Iain Campbell Smith, All Good Things Must Die

And it is a tear, that appears
between the cheeks of the bearded face
and the curse, that splits the mouth
in the kiss, of the bearded man,
which is, out of love,
of an Afghan, as an Afghan, for the Afghan.

So who the hell would ever want to go home?

no one is listening until you make a mistake

#livelikeafgan #dielikeafgan #tearsoflove

Good night Kabul Afghanistan
— in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Thanks Adrian Anderson, Steven, Ian and Owen to ask me all those very important, but still very silly, English questions, that caused a coffee infused curse as a laughter around the split lips in the thick beards of every bearded men 🙂 Thanks Kelly Robson and the Shotgun Espresso for the rock solid double barrel background work. In the same way, and not just for the last, we'd also like to mention the influence and honorable work of Fred Smith aka Iain Campbell Smith, DFAT, at the Second Mentoring and Reconstruction Task Force, Uruzgan, and his contributions to this world of war, innumerable warlords, and their manners, and how they matter. Thank you all!

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