The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Crusted R.I.P. Caress

Crusted R.I.P. Caress

(a sketch)
Thou shall come, my darling,
always early, never late, back home,
as it was, nine minutes down, from eight,
when your heart piped ink for paper and the pen,
of where you said it, kissed, and loved, oh dearly,
crossed out your fate, signed out, too early.

Crusted R.I.P. Caress STARWHEEL
for birds

One shall not visit a doctor twice
just because if telling problems may be,
if that, would be proven nice.
As he will not mind, at all, for pain,
and he might as well, break your neck, no gain,
performing cuts as clean as deep
he might too, take you, across, and R.I.P.

And between the lines, your soul,
so full of expectations, wishes, fears, and lies,
entwined in dark, as roses are across the walls,
and spring of memories, you laughed about,
and shared the love with many more
than one'd expect, one could as:
always early, never late
when loved, you've been,
and crossed,
signed out, your fate.

Crusted R.I.P. Caress STARWHEEL
out of love

After a rational decline it is only
in the faith and flesh that's left for some,
an unimaginable distress
forgotten and forgiven.

Crusted R.I.P. Caress STARWHEEL
teci tect

Coming home, to me, is thus an easy task,
in time, you see, the youth, which doesn't last,
except for the memory, and natural disasters,
from time to time, you pass,
some honesty, and open heart.

Always never, early late
for a crusted caress.

#tectteci #alwaysearly #neverlate