The longest journey begins with an open Heart

12 Years, a Curse, 12 Years, a Pain

12 Years, a Curse, 12 Years, a Pain

Tonight has been a special night.
And suddenly, and out of the blue, everyone has come together!
And they did it, did the night, to night.

Esma Redzepova - Dzelem,Dzelem (The most beautiful song of world) - Macedonia

As a coincidence, no accident!
Thank you some of the most excellent beings!
Kick those drums, broken hearts, flaxes, flutes, guitars, trumpets, clarinets, pipes deep down and dirty!

Dance! Sing! Celebrate!
As the song drives away the wolves.

12 Years, a Curse, 12 Years, a Pain STARWHEEL
from the heart, of a DOG, in RTL, you've been

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To, Get, Her, And, A-part

Apart from the Maleny Lane and its little music fest, which I had to kindly leave behind, and for tonight, as it's already pretty late, and apart from any thing else that one, may wish, for life, then it would be exactly this: On Tare Tu Tare Ture Soha. How do we ever know what do we wish for? He didn't ask that once. He said: "Be careful, but not afraid, of what you wish." That's love. Thanks. Good night.


And, Thus, After Breaking Fast

When this morning gives me no other choice then to break fast, break very, very very fast. That's the morning I've been waiting for, and the night, where will soon be midnight.

12 Years, a Curse, 12 Years, a Pain STARWHEEL
all do break fast, except for the ones, with custard

Thank you all who ever you might be. Except for the ones with custard. Only bones can be in custard. Bones break fast.

The 12 Years, Ago, thus Past, 12 Years, ahead, thus Future

12 Years, a Curse, 12 Years, a Pain STARWHEEL
the view, as has ever been, in you, by you, for you

12 years ago, and here we are again, 12 years ago. But what I can't actually tell you is exactly what's missing and has been missing in this view. Two important things, or if they're things, that are missing, at all. 12 years ago has been the view, and will stay, as is, 12 years.

As Before, thus There-after

Charles I of Hungary

It was nice to have a dog. Once. When they were able to eat. Portions as decent as human beings. Since then. He barked. They called him DOG in an RTL.

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