The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Hohenschwangau. Oh Du!

Hohenschwangau. Oh Du!

When we conceived, you became pregnant. That's pretty normal to know. And while the effort was worth it , you gradually grew in proportions. You became a planet. The earth. And on top of one of its hills we built you a castle. And look at you now, and after the years, you are still so very beautiful.

4 are in 6 but the 6, within the 10

It was not only the devil, that went, because he was kept, on the leash. And it also did not help, not at all, to arrest, the nuclear physics, and torture their families, in absence if remorse, to hide away your ugly secrets and to try, squeezing a stone the last drops, of holy water. Not at all, and please, go ahead as you can. You've been warned and soon, that is once, you will be thankful.

As the heart of the living is dead, thus appearing, but the blood, in innumerable veins is pumped by a different force, by an other nucleus, by the means so very unknown that one cannot be even surprised.

Lichtenstein, oh Lichtenstein

We love the love of how we loved us lovingly in love, oh Lichtenstein, oh Lichtenstein.

Samo pol, ko te focne burek ..

A very unusual coincidence. Why is that so?

A very unusual coincidence. Why is that so?
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