The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Hypochondriac Rubbish

Hypochondriac Rubbish

English are generally hypochondriac. And English, in its vocative sense, is hypochondriac. There aren't many exceptions to that.

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And the more English one gets the more hypochondriac one becomes. And there's no excuse to that. No failure. No possibility for escape.

Hypochondriac Rubbish STARWHEEL
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And hypochondriacism as such is highly contagious. It's spread everywhere. And by today there are only a few parts of the world, remaining unaffected. So be careful. Don't get your hands dirty with it.

Hypochondriac Rubbish STARWHEEL
hypochondriac fake. all is fake.

Just look at me, and this writing. It's hypochondriac as everything else. So be vary. Careful. Think!

All else is only a matter of graphs, presentation, investment portfolio, and rubbish, rubbish, rubbish.

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