The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Can't Recommend Less Silence

Can't Recommend Less Silence

Life is temporary, and the events we're experiencing, we do experience in their temporarity. Tempo, on itself, is one of the rarities that make life what it is, for us, and within us, and without us, per se.

Can't recommend less for you to do at the same time when can't recommend more than what you do already.

Can't Recommend Less Silence STARWHEEL
Give, as by giving it is fulfilled. No less.

Just be there. In silence. And dedicate your self. From that silence. That's the most powerful initiative you can ever employ. And if with the countless others, do it. And if only with your self, do it.
Ivan Kramberger, dobri mož iz Negove in ljudski tribun, je leta 1990 kandidiral za mesto predsednika Slovenije. V sklopu predvolilne kampanije se je 24.3.1990 oglasil tudi v Sevnici. Govor je posnel Franci Pavkovič.

And don't stop! Don't ever stop! As the silence will tell when it's enough. And it's never enough. It's now as well ever. It's silence by silence. It's silence for the silence.

You're welcome!