The longest journey begins with an open Heart

What is used against you? That's a cure.

What is used against you? That's a cure.

Demonstrations will be used against you, as a reasonable excuse to increase the international military budgets and to attempt further national enslavement by incurring military intervention debts accounted for all particular nations by the third party military procurement services by international supply chains.

He left.

But don't stop! In this way there's already enough debt created to enslave the whole galaxy, but for those running the debtors machines it just isn't enough, will still not be enough, and they will want more, more, more.

They'll want blood. They want blood. They need blood. And everything that comes with the blood. Well, here it ends folks. Don't stop! It will be used against you. Don't stop!

Until then.

The Kairon is rising. The Star. And help is underway.

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