The longest journey begins with an open Heart

Grave Tears Lullaby

Grave Tears Lullaby

Where shall I go?

Swing your tears goodbye.

Is there a church, right now?
No, there's no church right now, for me.

Is there a garden of enlightenment?
No, there's no garden of enlightenment, right now, for me.

Is there a beer, right now?
No, there's no beer for me. Not now.

Is there a lunch?
It might have been, today only once,
bot not right now, and not for me.

Is there a word?
Maybe, but right now there's none,
there's no kind word for me.

So where shall I go?
Where shall I bring this misery?

"Thou shalt love a tree, a rock or a sea"
said that poet once ..

Only that the Judgement isn't enough.

"Look, there's a stone!"
"Yes, here is a stone!", I think, to me.

"Look, there's a graveyard!"
"Yes, there's a graveyard!", I think, to me.

For where there's a graveyard there is no blood,
only tears
and, there's a stone,
a stone for me, to be.

So that is, right now, the place, to be.
And to mourn, right now,
with all the fruitful tears,
and to grease, to wash and clean
off all the faces, give a way,
clean as stone it is, a memory.
That is, the place to be!

Grave Tears Lullaby STARWHEEL

The stone it is,
that needs me be.
So swing your tears goodbye
oh dear,
too grave it is, this pray.

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